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5 Times Living in Rawlings Fucked You Up for Life

Rawlings: The home where so many young Gators have come to start their collegiate careers. You can practically smell the tradition (and the mold) as soon as you walk in the front door. Rawlings is more than just a dorm, it is part of who you are. Raw Dogs for life. The only way to truly understand what the title carries is to live in Rawlings yourself. Here are just a few true stories that give an idea of the rough initiation process of becoming a Raw Dog:

5.) Clogged toilets from freshmen vom:
It’s as if they used their high school years for preparing for college or something (nerds). Throw together a couple hundred inexperienced drinkers, no bathroom cleaning on weekends, and easy access to insane quantities of alcohol, and what do you get? That’s right. There’s nothing better than waking up to go brush your teeth and opening the door to the smell of all eight toilets clogged with vomit.

4.) Yep, there are mice:
There was a point in the year when, due to multiple mice sightings, everyone’s door had either a shirt or a towel stuffed under it to keep a mouse from squeezing in. Those little guys were determined though. It only took three hours and the shrill shrieks of 19 year-old boys to finally catch em’. Don’t worry, he was released safe and sound into a Broward dorm room, because screw those pretentious snobs.

3.) Sink geebs anyone?:
Smoke a little pot your freshman year? No biggie. Smoke pot in the dorms? Kinda risky, but to be fair the hallways in Rawlings smell like pot more nights than not. Take geebs out of the sink? Well there might be a slight problem there. Especially since the RA lives on the same floor and uses the same bathroom…You know what, you do you kids.

2.) The DAB heard round the dorm (no, not the dance move ya dummy):
Oh you thought sink geebs were bad? That’s cute. If you consider that bad, then what do you call it when kids are taking dabs in their room and accidentally leave there blow torch on? One very loud fire alarm, a few fire trucks, a couple grumpy police officers, and kids getting kicked out of the dorm? Yeah that happened.

1.) That one time someone took a giant shit in the showers:
You would think that of all the communal places, the place where everyone has to go to get clean, would at least be a off limits from all the debauchery. The head of dorm housing at UF was called to Rawlings one fateful day because someone decided to drop a deuce in one of the showers. It didn’t stop there either. After taking said shit, the person proceeded to squish it into the shower drain. This devious deed is called a “waffle stomp”. The waffle stomper remains at large to this day.

All that happened in a single year at Rawlings. Just imagine the stories those walls could tell now. On second thought, don’t. Just count yourself lucky to have made it through freshman year.

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