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5 UF Pledges You’ve Seen Walking Around Campus


If you’ve been out on campus in the past week and have at least one functioning eyeball, you’ve probably noticed that fall is in the air. It’s getting cooler out, the leaves are changing color, and, most importantly, IFC rush is over and it’s finally pledge season. Look for the guy walking around with a polo tucked into his khaki shorts. Here are just a few of the types of pledges you’re likely to encounter over the next two months:

5.) The frat star pledge:
This kid used to wear Polo and Vineyard Vines every day of high school, and has been planning on joining a frat since he found out his dad was VP of Alpha Sigma Dillhole. He walks around like his shit doesn’t stink and wears his stained and torn blazer like it’s a badge of honor. The good news is soon enough this self-proclaimed frat star will be put in his place and reminded that he is just a pledge after all.

4.) The super pledge:
This is the kid that takes pledging WAY too seriously. He lives and breathes the fraternity he’s pledging and rarely takes any time to keep up with classes or anything else. He’ll probably have a slightly crazed look in his eye, and will be walking at an uncomfortably fast pace through campus. He’s probably rushing to do some asinine errand that he volunteered to do for a brother.

3.) The jumpy and on edge pledge:
He’ll be constantly looking over his shoulder while walking. He is terrified that at any moment he could run into a brother and be ordered to do something. DO NOT approach this pledge from behind; even a simple tap on the back of the shoulder could cause him to spaz out and hit the ground running. It’s best to just give this pledge a wide berth and carry on with your day. He has enough going on already.

2.) The ghostly looking pledge:
Is that a ghost drifting through campus? Nope, it’s a pledge, and by the looks of it he hasn’t slept in about three days. He’s looking really thin too, and probably hasn’t eaten much of anything in a while. This type of pledge is to be pitied above all else. If you see one of these pledges maybe go up to him and offer him a bite of food or even just a couple words of encouragement, because he could definitely use them.

1.) The beaten down pledge:
That frat star pledge you saw the first week of pledgeship with a spring in his step and a cocky smile? Yeah, this is him now walking by looking at the ground and smelling like he hasn’t showered in a few days. Turns out little Chad here couldn’t handle the heat. The goal of pledging is to get all the pledges to this point, but some just reach it quicker than others.

Now you know what to look for this fall, so if you ever need a quick reminder that no matter how much your life sucks at the moment, just remember that someone has it way worse. Even though it may not always seem like it, pledges are people too.

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