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6 Things Swampy UF Memes Hates More than ‘The Black Sheep’

For people who love to have a good laugh, the members of the Swampy UF Memes for Top Ten Public Teens page sure don’t like us, as can be seen in this post. But luckily, there are a few things that they hate more than us.

 6.) Gainesville RTS:

 It’s no shock that there are a handful of posts about how shitty RTS is. From sitting down on a mysteriously soaked seat, to dealing with doing a full-on Usain Bolt sprint because the app jumped from saying the 125 was 10 minutes away to “boarding,” RTS is actually the worst.

5.) Professor Keeran:

 As if having to take three different calculus classes wasn’t bad enough, so many members of Swampy Memes have to go head-to-head in a boss battle with Professor Keeran for Calc 3. After semesters of tricky tests, weird grading scales, and getting offered advice to “look inward” when you need genuine help, even the TAs loathe this guy.

4.) Lack of Diversity:

If you wanna see a bunch of people get really defensive over UF just click on a meme that jokes about the lack of diversity. Not only are there so many memes about this, but there are even more people claiming it’s not an issue. Let’s be real, if it makes it to the meme page, it’s something worth mentioning. 

3.) Newell Hall:

It’s basically a bunch of fucking stairs and everyone knows it. As soon as Newell opened Swampy Memes began roasting them about what FSU architecture student they must have hired to design this place. The good news is that you can now get the same workout you would by running stadiums just by going up and down the stairs a few times while looking for a seat.

2.) Smith Meyers:

This should be no surprise to anyone. After hs arrest, Meyers was labeled fair game. So many golden memes have popped up about him, it’s become a joke that’ll never die, unlike his chances at being a real politician one day.

1.) The System:

Swampy Memes gets real every once in a while to remind students how corrupt and useless our student government is. Whether it be the way Greek life holds most of the SG positions, or how Florida Blue Key is filled with morally questionable students, these kids keep it real. Came for the memes, stayed for the knowledge.

We can’t wait to see all the posts about dude bros wearing RopHims on gamedays come fall semester, and while these amateur meme-ers may not have a soft spot in their hearts for us, we definitely have one for them. It could be a lot worse, though, we could be UF Transportation and Parking.


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