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7 Fraternity Boys Who Are Almost Too Cute to Throw Off the Top of Century Tower

There are boys, and then there are frat boys. They truly are their own species. There’s just something about them – something that makes you kinda, sorta, maybe want to give them a little push off of Century Tower. Here are 7 of their species:


The matching letters really add a nice, sexy touch to this classic frat trash get up. Not too sure how they’ll look post a nice 157 feet freefall.

6.) All heart eyes for these bad boys with the permanent muscle tanks:

They’re the faciest of them all, but you don’t mind. Don’t lie, seeing them at third floor West is why you go to the library to begin with. They’re so facey that they’ll probably enjoy all the attention from diving off Century Tower.

5.) He’s good with dogs and pussy:

He left you on read, but you didn’t reply to his last Snap. So who really has the power? He’s sex on two legs but said legs may also lead him cascading down UF’s tallest monument.

4.) Hottest pledges on Row:

Their faces are every srat girl’s favorite place to sit, and their beds are their favorite place to not sleep. They’ll probably treat you like trash but that’s all part of the allure – and they have moms so they definitely respect women. Awww, they’re trip down the famous tower could even almost make you sad.

3.) Hotter than game days:

He can throw back Nattys like no other guy around AND he has more jorts in his closet than stores have in stock. Can you say hot and probably misogynistic? He’ll go down the famous tower clock faster than Trump declared war on women.

2.) What that mouth do (besides hit JUULs)?:

A sorority date function veteran, he’s most likely fucked your friend. He looks great in any theme outfit. Let’s see how he’ll look at the bottom of UF’s most recognizable (and only) tower.

1.) He’s what dreams are made of:

Move over Paolo, there’s a new hottie in town. Although he probably can’t sing, he for sure has other linguistic talents. He can harmonize his screams when he takes a tumble down Century Tower.

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