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How to Charm the Pants Off Your Prof and Score Yourself an A

Sometimes it takes a little more than just extra credit to get an A in a class. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, then we have provided six totally legit ways to get your professor to give you an A for their class:

Position yourself in a way that says, “I’m ready”:
If you’re trying to get the attention of your IUF2000 professor, make sure to sit in the very front of the class! The closer you can get the better. We suggest literally sitting on their desk. While you’re there, keep raising your hand to make comments like, “Antigone sounds hot,” and add some suggestive undertones to all your questions about Siddhartha’s girth.

Get in some extra one-on-one time:
No, this isn’t The Bachelor, but pretend that it is and you just scored the coveted one-on-one date card. Stand out from the rest of the average students and go to your professor’s office hours on the 4th floor of Turlington every week. This allows for some extra “study” time to make sure you get an A in the class ~wink, wink~.

Show some skin:
Nothing says “come hither” like a full on streak through your BSC2010 class. Your professor is sure to give you an A once they’ve seen all of your best ASSets.

Dress a little sexier:
If baring all isn’t your thing, take a few steps back and just pull a Regina George. Your professor is sure to look your way with your Gator Blue bra peeking through your tank top. If you’re feeling brave, just show up to class in some of your best lingerie/briefs—that’s what all the hardcore girls do, and it’s a surefire way to get an A (and maybe even laid).

And finally, the cult classic: Bend and Snap:
As Elle Woods taught everyone, nothing beats the Bend and Snap when it comes to attracting a person’s attention. Next time you find yourself standing near your professor, casually drop the Florida Museum of Natural History pen you were given during Preview and snap back up. Flexible and involved with school? Automatic A+.

Is it just us or is it getting a little steamy on campus right now? (And we’re not just talkin’ about within the human sexuality classroom).

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