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You Only Have Flex Bucks?! Here’s How You Can Still Impress Your Date

We’re all more than familiar with the phrase “ballin’ on a budget” – more familiar than we’d like to admit. But what you lack in funds you can make up for in love. An ultimate UF pro hack: treat you and your date using only Flex Bucks. Here are the six places you can hit:

Spice things up at Moe’s:
Take your hot date to get some hot, authentic Mexican style cuisine. Moe’s prime location right next to Student Rec offers great benefits; you can take her to the gym after and see what she looks like with no make-up on! Also, the food there is even spicier than Fuch’s sex life.

Play hard to get at Starbucks at the Reitz:
If you have a last minute change of heart, you can tell your date to meet you at the Starbucks in the Reitz. Picture this: Your date gets there, there is no Starbucks, there is no you. Your date will pick up what you’re putting down.

Schmooze them at the KFC at Little Hall Express:
What is great about the KFC at Little Hall is how much the location already says about sex with you. Your date can expect something little, and something express. This kind of honesty is exactly what healthy, happy relationships are built on.

Get lucky at Chomp it:
Surprisingly, they have a very extensive menu. From breakfast to late night munchies, this is the spot. Take your date out for breakfast and see what they look like in the daylight. PSA: They do off-the-menu loaded cheese fries if you ask real nice.

Explore your options at The Pod:
It literally has everything and anything you could ever want. Ever. The Pod at Rawlings even has scenic picnic tables outside so you can pretend it’s like a cute, romantic picnic! (They also have condoms! #SafeSexBestSex #NotReally #RawDawgOrNoDawg)

Win them over with Wing Zone at the Reitz:
You and your date can get lit because it’s the only place on campus that sells alcohol. You can get stupid beer drunk and then go bowling at the Reitz’s bowling alley. If you play it off really well, your date might even forget you’re using Flex Bucks to pay for this lavish life.

Take your date to any of these spots and you’re guaranteed a second date (unless you’re lame but that’s on you). All of these fine establishments are on campus so you don’t even have to spend money on Ubers. Now it’s time to stretch a dolla and make your bitch holla!

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