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Fuck it, Let’s Rank the UF Frats!

Greek life is adamant that tiers don’t exist, so we’re gonna show them that they do. Crack open a Natty Lite and make sure your Sperry’s are firmly planted on the ground, we’re about to rock your world.

1.) Delta Upsilon:
You guys are so great. So heckin’ nice, and always brotherly. You’re just the best! YOU’RE #1, #1, #1! It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that you’re sittin’ pretty in the top spot. You go Delta Upsilon, you fuckin’ go.

2.) ZBT:
Ya’ll can’t be defeated, ZBT. Look at you just being you! You guys fuckin’ rule and that’s why you deserve this spot on this list more than anyone! #2 is where the fuck it’s at.

3.) Tau Epsilon Phi:
Good for you #3, look at you go. Hot. Thank you guys for being you. You’re totally cool and definitely deserving of a spot on The Black Sheep’s top 6 frats! Y’all are freakin’ killin’ out there, keep doing what you’re doing.

4.) Kappa Alpha Order:
Fuck yeah, #4! Not as good as #3, but sure as hell better than #5! Who else could fill this spot as well as you guys? No one, that’s right. You guys keep on keepin’ it real and never forget that you make this list what it is. And that’s fuckin’ dope.

5.) Lambda Chi Alpha:
 Let’s fuckin’ go!!! You guys know what you did to get here, don’t act like you have no idea. You guys are what keep #5 alive, nobody can do it the way you do.

6.) Theta Chi:
 Look at you guys rounding out the list, you’re the shit. You guys do the damn thing every single time, so it should go without saying that you rock, you rule, you’re fuckin’ bros and the best #6 any school could possibly have!

If your frat didn’t make this list don’t worry, at least it didn’t get disbanded last year like SOME FRATS. Keep trying to earn your spot, or get higher on the list, and we’ll see what we can do next year.

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