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Quick! Rush These 6 UF Fraternities While You Still Can

Are you looking to rush this spring? Are you ready to make lifelong friendships that don’t involve having to go through any hazing to get to? Thanks to the recent suspension of pretty much all the fun, abusive fraternities, that will soon be your reality! Here are six fraternities that are all about making BFFs through brotherhood and community service, rather than spending Friday nights at BALLS. (They also happen to be pretty much the only six left, so choose wisely.)

6.) Sigma Nu:
Built on “love, honor, and truth” Sigma Nu is the frat to rush. If you like studying, attending morning classes every day, and tailgating with your parents then you’re sure to excel in this brotherhood!

5.) TKE:
TKE is the equivalent of posting a selfie with your dog on your Tinder profile and having the bio, “looking for a relationship NOT a ONS.” It’s your feel good frat all about that community service, and not one that’s just for the status, booze, and hooking up with other people hiccuping their way home after a night out in Midtown.

4.) DU:
Delta Upsilon is UF’s only “non-secret” fraternity—whatever tf that means. They pride themselves in being a “non-hazing” and “non-sectarian” frat; so essentially you’ll be signing up for a semester of parties that includes, but is not limited to: bowls of stale chips, Pepsi, and some awkward corner conversations about whether or not you’ve ever waxed your chest. YAY for paid friendship!

3.) Phi Sig:
Looking or a confidence boost? Or perhaps needing to “build character” as your mom so kindly puts it? Phi Sigma Kappa is the fraternity for you! Friday nights consist of bonding at the house with a rousing game of Monopoly, and 12 other dudes who are definitely not drinking.

2.) PIKE:
Pi Kappa Alpha’s UF chapter will literally take anyone to fill their empty house. After being disbanded in 2017, the house has been collecting dust and the only life inside has been a few mice scurrying about. Please join today and be the first (non-pest) to make PIKE great again!

1.) Fiji:
Phi Gamma Delta of UF strives for friendship amongst their brothers. Each brother is held to the same standards as any true gentleman—being nice and tipping your fedora to all the m’ladies around Turlington. If you get into FIJI and your roommate gets into DU, you’ll be guaranteed friends for life, along with a few dozen other new BFFs.

Gators, it’s time for Spring Rush! That means it’s time to get out there and make friends—while avoiding any top tier fraternity because your mother has told you, those are not the people you want to be friends with (meaning you cannot handle their hell week).

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