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SEX2000: Intro to Shacking at UF

Let’s start with defining the term shacking: Shack SHāk/ verb gerund or present participle: shacking: to sleep over at a sexual partner’s home. “I shacked at Ryan’s place last night.”

Not to say it hasn’t been done before – there just wasn’t such a large culture surrounding shacking until recently. If you visit famous Instagram pages on Sunday, you’ll see endless posts with hashtags such as #ShackerSunday and #ShackerAlert. It’s easy to fall victim to novice mistakes while shacking (like leaving without your shoes), so this article will give you the key points for shacking at UF.

Share your location with your friends:
One second you’re with them, the next you’re somewhere in the depths of Frat Row with Chad from Pi Apple Tea. Dropping a pin lets your friends know you weren’t kidnapped by a revengeful Coach Mac.

Leave early, avoid crowds:
Leave right away. Uber, call a friend, look up the buses near you, teleport, combust on the spot – literally anything to get out of there as soon as possible. It’s the only way to avoid that weird “Hey we just had sex but what’s your name?” moment. Avoid really busy areas on campus like Turlington. Even though the French Fries may be all, “YGG!” you know the Potato is judging you. Plus, the sooner you’re home, the sooner you can scrub away last night’s mistakes and the stench of regret.

Wear your shack shirts around campus:
The infamous shack shirt. Just like in The Scarlet Letter where the protagonist had to wear an “A” on her clothes, shackers wear shack shirts. The difference being that in the book it was meant to be worn with shame, and now girls show off their shirts to their friends with pride. If you want to be extra facey, you can take a leisurely stroll around Club West third floor while wearing your brand new shirt. This way you can let everyone know just how far you will go for Comfort Colors.

Do not have any expectations at all:
It would be like going to Mid at 9:30 p.m on a Wednesday and thinking the line at Fats won’t reach Pita Pit – simply naïve. When you’re shacking for the first time, it is easy to misinterpret convenience for something else. You slept over because it was convenient; not because you two are in the sleepover stage of a relationship.

Remember that even Alberta had her wild years:
The hook up and shacking culture in college is meant to be easy, carefree but most of all fun. If there is a time to explore your sexuality and find out what you like and don’t like it is certainly the undergrad years. Think of it like trying on a bunch of game day outfits to see which fits you best.

Don’t awkwardly avoid each other at Fats:
You had sex. Therefore, as the two mature, sexually-active adults you are you can’t act like last night (or whenever it was) didn’t happen. If you can have sex with someone, you can say hi to them when you see them in public. If they don’t, you can very casually ask the bouncer to double check their Connecticut ID.

Shacking can be fun when done right, although it may be tricky to get it right the first time (or the second or third). Do what comes naturally, what you are comfortable with, but most importantly, adhere to the dos and don’ts on the list.

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