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UF Spring Football Game Just an Excuse to Tailgate

Since morale on campus has been low the Gator Athletics Department allowed the football team played its yearly fake game, which has essentially become an excuse for UF students to day drink and feel good about themselves amongst the stress of finals approaching.

Students were granted free admission to the game that took place this past Saturday, April 14. It was played in the afternoon for the first time since 2015, allowing fans to experience an almost real game day binger (drinking starts around 6 a.m. and doesn’t end).

UF freshman Michael Andrews commented, “I’ve never seen so many crying, laughing, and peeing drunk adults in one area,” about his first ever oragne and blue experience. “It was honestly the best thing I’ve ever witnessed,” he continued.

Unlike every other Gator football game, fans actually had the chance to celebrate a victory (if you can even call it that). Even though wining against your own team may still qualify as losing, Gator fans will take a W where they can.

“We knew we had to do something to make up for the past few bad seasons,” UF quarterback, Johnny Johnson, said. “So putting on this fake game every year has truly made a difference with fan support… they know we may let them during the fall, but we got them with a good party come spring.”

Florida football fans truly appreciated the team’s effort to give them an excuse to party. A real rise in morale has been seen all throughout campus, according to the latest CMI (Campus Morale Index) report.

“Thanks to this fake tailgate, I was able to let out a lot of my frustration from this semester, or at least that’s kind of what I remember doing.” Jenny Smith, a junior studying marketing, said. “Now I feel rejuvenated and ready to end this semester on a high note.”

Thank you to the UF Gators for for once not putting the L in Florida!




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