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Welp, It Didn’t Take Long for UF Engineers to Start Making Dildos in the 3D Printing Labs

Though they’re usually without anything to do on Valentine’s Day, UF engineering students have found a way to occupy their time (and hands) this year, using some of their own talents—3-D printing.

When asked what they were preparing for the holiday, 1st year engineering student Roger Smith stated, “We’re really being innovative in the printing lab and still catering to our needs, as well as every students’ needs. But, uh, yeah, we’re printing dildos, dude!”

UF’s engineering students feel like they can really express themselves, and let their creative side free with the 3D printing technology.

“Ya know, since we’re doing them ourselves we can really customize them to fit everyone’s needs and desires. Last week we customized a Zelda themed fleshlight…it was sick,” smith explained. “Today some girl asked me if we’d make her a Ryan Lochte model. School spirit, right?”

The printing lab at Marston does charge students to use their lab a minimum of $3, and an additional 15 cents for every gram printed. Students feel this is cheaper than ordering online, and a hell of a lot less awkward than buying in person.

Another student in the lab, Christie Burns, who also was using the 3D printing lab for personal use had this to say: “So it’s taken me a while, but I just printed the last ‘piece’ to my own life-sized Valentine’s date, if you know what I mean,” Burns recalled. “This guy’ll never betray me thou– ahhh fuck, he came out with a J curve!”

Burns and her 3D-printed partner are still happily together, for now. Engineering students have been distributing their creations in Turlington.

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