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The 4 B’s to Sorority Recruitment and Life

We don’t know about other schools, but here at Mason, sorority recruitment has this unspoken (or secretly spoken), rule of what not to say or discuss to girls rushing. The rule is referred to as, “The 4 B’s.” These are four things starting with the letter ‘B’ that they always stress to never discuss or respond to if asked about during recruitment. But these sorority women must be onto something, because “The 4 B’s” totally relate to dating and work life as well. Here’s the rundown:


The Booze rule means you shouldn’t be discussing how much you drink. So you probably don’t want to tell a girl rushing how wasted you got at a frat party last weekend. And you probably don’t want to tell a guy you’ve just started dating about how you finish one bottle of wine by yourself every night. And just to be fair, your manager at work probably doesn’t want to know how hungover you are at work from drinking that whole wine bottle. Just saying.


Ah, the lovely Boy rule. Now, we can turn this around and also make it the Girl rule, but we’re sticking with “The 4 B’s” here. With this rule during recruitment, you definitely should not be gushing about your favorite fraternity, or the frat boy you totally hit it off with at some theme party even though you both were wasted (see Booze rule). So, when you’re in the early stage together, your date probably doesn’t want to know about all your previous endeavors before they came around. The same goes for work. Don’t go around telling your boss or co-workers about some hookup you had last night with that random guy sitting alone at the bar while drinking too much at happy hour. Life just doesn’t work like this.


Barrack! Also known as the rule on politics. For some reason, sorority women don’t want you talking politics with rushees! Now the question is, what if you’re a political science major? Either way, it’s probably not the best to push your political views on anyone early on, whether it’s a girl hoping to get into a sorority, or the guy you ran into at the bar who is now texting you, “Hey what’s up,” every night. Chances are, you saying you like Clinton or Trump in public will raise some hell. And it doesn’t really slide in the workplace either. So just don’t do it. Keep posting political rants on Facebook that no one will read, and just don’t go around debating everyone on who the best president will be. Save the debates for the drinking games… But remember the Booze rule…


Last but not least, we’ve got the Bible. This should be a universal rule. Don’t go around pushing your religious views onto anyone. Religion is universal, whether it’s religion to the Bible or religion to drinking a bottle of wine every night. Don’t talk about it! The girl rushing your sorority wants to know about your sorority, not if you go to church every Sunday. The guy from the bar doesn’t want to know your views yet, and the frat guy from the ABC party certainly isn’t interested either, so maybe don’t wear a dress made out of The New Testament.

Now that we think about it, maybe the crazy preacher from North Plaza holding the sign saying, “You Deserve Hell” needs a lesson in “The 4 B’s” too…

Zombies, footballs, and beers oh my:


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