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7 Things that Will Completely Piss Off Any Mason Student


Mason boasts itself as a “well-being” university. If this is true, then why are there so many ways to annoy us? The Black Sheep has compiled a list of the top seven ways to piss you off:

7.) Running Out of Free T-Shirts:

The dreaded “sorry we’re all out” after you spent thirty minutes listening to words you don’t care about just to get stamps on a paper for a low quality t-shirt. However, these students are now going to have more space in their drawers. Why do students get upset about this when they’re actually benefitting?

6.) Burning Popcorn at 2 a.m.:

Whoever did this is now the most hated person in your dorm. If you live in the park, you will only evacuate two smaller buildings. Just please don’t set it off in Rogers or Whitetop; the building’s alarms are connected and go off if you even blow air the wrong way. 

5.) Being Handed Fliers in North Plaza:

Mason students barely have time to eat, let alone make it to class on time. Being approached in the North Plaza is probably the most annoying thing that happens outside a building on campus. No, we’re really interested in your petition. No, we don’t have time to talk. For whatever reason it’s not very obvious to them that you’re often in a hurry. 

4.) Saying There are Spots in Lot K:

Parking to begin with is overpriced with limited space. Mason Parking Services tweets when spots are available in certain lots. They’re liars, don’t believe them. It’s even worse when the circus comes to town for three weeks and takes up half of the lot with peanuts and caged elephants. The other half of the lot is full of non-Mason newbies figuring out how to park. It’s okay guys, you’ll learn eventually. 

3.) Being Forced to Have a Meal Plan:

Nobody wants a meal plan after freshman year. Live in a suite on campus? Meal plan! You quickly realize that money is wasted because you’d rather spend your own money on ramen and a microwave than eating green meat.

2.) Mason Wifi Bumping You to eduRoam:

“The issue has been fixed by IT services.” Than why can we still not connect?! Mason Wifi is arguably the worst WiFi ever. It gets even better when your professors don’t understand that your paper is late because you were stuck in the dark ages for three days with no wifi. Hello, Blackboard doesn’t work without internet!

1.) Construction:

Mason is ever growing. With the addition of the Peterson Building and the demolition of Robinson A and B, construction will be inevitable for the next few years. Construction takes away parking, messes up roads, and creates a lot of fucking noise. Avoid those areas as much as possible, and good luck finding a place to eat over the next few weeks! Hopefully, the JC Food Court won’t have as many issues as Fenwick…

What one pisses you off the most?

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