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Just When You Thought You Knew Everything About Doc Nix

Michael Nickens, you probably know him as Doc Nix, is the leader of the legendary Green Machine here at George Mason University. With millions of views on YouTube, the Green Machine is one of the best pep bands in the country. Much of the band’s success comes from Doc Nix. He’s become a staple of GMU. Everybody knows Doc Nix is cool. However, not everything you’ve heard about him is one hundred percent accurate. We’ve done the fact checking. So if you want to separate the truth from the legend about Doc Nix, read on!

Claim: Under Doc Nix’s sunglasses are another, much cooler pair of sunglasses.

Verdict: True. People close to Doc Nix have confirmed he has a $250 pair of “throw away” sunglasses for the fans. If the stars align and you are lucky enough to be in the Doc’s inner circle, you may get to see his top shelf shades.


Claim: Doc Nix was asked to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate in the 2016 presidential election.

Verdict: False. Though Doc Nix was on a short list, the Clinton campaign was worried her constituency would want the ticket flipped, so he was never officially asked. Besides, Doc Nix ain’t about that life.


Claim: The George Mason statue is just Doc Nix painted bronze doing a performance piece.

Verdict: Unsure. Unfortunately, we were not able to confirm or deny this one. A lot of people claim this is just a rumor. However, in our interviews, a handful of students reported hearing what sounded like Doc Nix swearing quietly when they accidently stepped on the plaque. When they’d look up at the statue, it wouldn’t move, except for the eyes which would follow them as they walked away and in their nightmares.


Claim: Doc Nix could steal yo’ girl.

Verdict: Absolutely True. We hope to God none of you ever have to go through this.


Claim: Doc Nix’s staff contains the trapped souls of thousands of Aztec warriors killed in the Spanish conquest of the Americas and he uses it to control the weather.

Verdict: False. No idea why so many people think this. There is absolutely no evidence to support this claim, which we’ve been telling people for years. Seriously, students of GMU pay attention, there are NO Aztecs trapped in Doc Nix’s staff. He CANNOT control the weather.


Claim: Doc Nix appears on several episodes of the hit 90’s sitcom Friends.

Verdict: True. Doc Nix appears on a surprising number of Friends episodes throughout the show’s 10 seasons. Pay close attention next time you watch the show. His character’s name is Chandler Bing.


Claim: Doc Nix gave a Tedx Talk called “Music, Identity, Diversity, Convergence.”

Verdict: True. You can just Google this one. We recommend you check it out, it’s really well done.


Claim: Doc Nix smells like my dad.

Verdict: False. Actually it’s true.


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