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The 7 Sexiest Alumni from GMU

We all remember the graduates we partied with while we were at Mason. But we never really cared enough to look up the notable alumni from way back in the day. Let’s take a look back at 7 notable sexy alumni. Most of them are probably my father or grandfathers age, therefore we are going to look at how successful they are and not judge them by their looks. It’s gold digging time.

7.) Tyler Cowen:


Besides the fact that he won a chess championship in New Jersey waaaaaay back when he was 15, Tyler Cowen is a sexy alumnus. Not only did he receive his PhD in economics from HARVARD, that’s right ladies…. Harvard! He also ended up coming BACK to Mason to teach here.

6.) Steve Ricchetti:


Steve received his JD (Juris Doctor) from Mason and then went on to serve our president and vice president. This guy really made it in life, ladies. He is the Chief of Staff for our current Vice President Joe Biden, and President Obama’s assistant. Sucks that he’s going to have to start looking for a new job pretty soon though.

5.) Lamar Butler:


Lamar is a sexy notable alumnus because he was a starter on the team that made it to the Final Four. The team that marked the end of victories for our basketball team. The team that went to the Final Four, and never came back as good. Now, Lamar plays for the Reno Bighorns. We know what you’re thinking, “Why have I never heard of this team?” Well, that’s because it’s based in Nevada and was founded in 2008…

4.) Jon Gettman:


This is a great one. A marijuana reform activist, a leader of the Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis, and a former head of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Fellow Patriots, I introduce to you Jon Gettman. Let’s try to get Jon back out here to talk some sense into Mason PD. Side note: he looks EXACTLY like Steven Anthony Lawrence, you may remember him from Even Stevens as Beans.

3.) Archie Kao:


Archie Kao is a former Sigma Chi, current American actor, a regular on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, AND Chicago P.D. On top of his television resumé, Kao’s wedding in 2014 made it in Vogue magazine. Talk about making it big. Cha-ching.

2.) Sarah Kozer:


A television personality remembered for her work in Nipples & Palm Trees as well as her appearance in the reality television series Joe Millionaire. Sarah Kozer is a very notable alumna who also appeared on the cover for Playboy in June 2003. Sarah graduated with a degree in philosophy and women’s studies.

1.) Rebecca Cardon:


Film and television actress, as well as personal trainer. Rebecca Cardon is one of the few notable alumni that have maintained their good looks. Shes a sexy alumna not only for how far she’s made it, but also because her hair extensions look amazing. To all our male Patriot readers…she’s single.


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