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10 Reasons You Should Be Following UGA’s Mecole Hardman on Twitter


Twitter is the absolute best place for dank memes and keeping up with celebrities. The UGA football players are basically famous, so if you’re not following them, you’re missing out. One athlete in particular, #4 cornerback Mecole Hardman, is a very active Twitter user. If you’re going to pay attention to any accounts, make it his.


10.) His Tweets Are Relatable:



9.) He’s Honest About Dating:



8.) He Has All Of The Answers:



7.) His Energy Is Dedicated Solely To Football:



6.) He Will Call You Out:



5.) He’s Super Woke:



4.) He Creates Killer Captions On Professional Photos:



3.) He Enjoys Quality Television:



2.) He’s Punny:



1.) He Understands The Struggle:



Most of our athletes have Twitter accounts, but a solid 99% of them solely tweet bible verses and football action shots. If you want some quality content on your timeline, Mecole is your guy!





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