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10 Things That Have Happened Since UGA Last Went To the Natty

According to our meticulous calculations here at The Black Sheep, it’s been 38 years since our football team has been to the sacred Natty. Now we’re no math wizards, but 38 years seems to be quite a long time so we decided to break it down and create a list of what has happened at the beautiful university that we call home since then:

10.) The iconic rock band R.E.M. made us collectively shit our pants when they made it big:
There’s always that hometown band that always plays local gigs that we always doubt will make it 25 miles out of town. Well, surprise! During the time we were not beating Alabama or Clemson, R.E.M. was chopping wood and signing $80 million dollar contracts with Warner Bros. Although the group split amicably in 2011, we still want Michael Stipe to sign our ass.

9.) The Uga mascot went through some…. changes:
The University of Georgia went through SEVEN dogs before we finally made it back to the Natty. RIP Uga III, Uga IV, Uga V, Uga VI, Uga VII, Uga VIII, and Uga IX. Long live Uga X.

8.) Tate built CFA where paw points go to die:
“Hi, yes I know you’ve seen me every day for the past 3 weeks, but let’s continue to pretend you don’t know my name or order so I can feel better about myself.” It’s hard to imagine a time when students weren’t eagerly standing in a 50 person line to get a chicken sandwich but luckily we have been blessed to never know what that’s like.

7.) We have a hockey team now?:
Not having ice isn’t gonna stop UGA from having the top ranked South Eastern Collegiate Hockey Conference standing team apparently.

6.) Some coaching mishaps:
It’s common knowledge that if you’re not number one, you’re a loser. Based off of this knowledge every head coach between Vince Dooley and Kirby Smart just isn’t making the UGA standard. Yeah, we’re talking to you Ray Goff, Jim Donnan and Mark Richt.

5.) There’s a reason why the phrase is “party like it’s 1980”:
Long gone are the days of Herschel Walker and our No. 1 party school ranking. According to this year’s poll, UGA didn’t even make the top 25 party schools in the nation this year… can the students of UGA please get their priorities straight?

4.) Flanagan’s developed some identity issues:
During the day they serve coffee and at night they serve alcohol? What is this, Walker’s Jr.? This bar just can’t decide what kinda bar they wanna be.

3. )“Let’s go DT and pay $2 dollars for 5 oz of soda that’s supposed to be a well drink”:
During the past 38 years, the alcohol to soda ratio in a standard well drink has gone down by at least 99%. What started as an enjoyable drink to get you drunk has transformed into a soda with a touch of vodka. Give us back the days when the bartenders would be as liberal with the alcohol in the drinks as Paula Deen is with butter in her recipes.

2.) UGA produced medal winning Olympians:
With the amount of medals won by former and current UGA athletes we could’ve been our own country in the games. So obviously Go Dawgs and fuk bama.

1.) Overall, we still ballin’:
We rank 16th best public national university–the highest UGA has ever ranked. Our campus looks like a damn picturesque storybook. Yeah, walking up those devil hills suck and yes you were .01 away from making an A- in that class last semester, but you’ve never been happier to be a student. If you aren’t proud to say you’re a damn bulldawg, get the hell outta our faces.

There ain’t nothin’ finer in the land than a drunk obnoxious Georgia fan! Let’s bring home the Natty title boys!!!

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