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10 Ways to Get to the MLC Without Walking Uphill….Oh Wait, There’s Only One

We all need the MLC, probably more than it needs us. But trying to get there sometimes seems like putting yourself between a rock and a hard place, the rock being an Athens hill and the hard place being another Athens hill. We’ve tried to come up with routes that can get you to the UGA Mecca without walking uphill, and this is what we’ve got.

10.) Come Anywhere from North Campus:
The MLC just so happens to be downhill from North Campus, down the Million Dollar Staircase, and down another flight of stairs by the Tate Bus Stop. We do realize that once you walk down all these stairs, you have to walk up a bunch of stairs once you get inside, which is kind of like a hill. Sorry.

9.) Come From Bolton:
Even though Bolton and the MLC are so close, we do admit that there is a slight incline on the route, no matter how you slice it. But we assume that you’ll be eating a chocolate chip cookie on your way, and we think that’s consolation enough.

8.) Come From Ag Hill:
For the most part, this route is downhill, but coming down the bus-only street by the Geography Building, you’ll encounter only a slight incline in the sidewalk gradient. And you’ll need to cross the street a stupid amount of times.

7.) Come From Milledge Down Baxter:
Now, this route is only downhill, but the downhill is so steep that you end up exerting the same amount of energy as you would if you were walking uphill. So we’re not really sure that this counts.

6.) Come From the SLC:
We all know that the SLC is just a second-rate MLC, but the walk between 2nd place and 1st isn’t actually as bad as you’d think it’d be. Especially if you close your eyes while you’re walking up the hill going towards Snelling.

5.) Come From Ramsey:
Because the rolling hills that are East Campus Road are pretty much inevitable, you might as well get a pre-workout workout in at Ramsey before studying at the MLC. The only thing you’ll be missing is a shower, but the sinks in the MLC bathrooms are pretty nice.

4.) Come From New Terry:
The new Terry buildings are a stone’s throw away from the MLC, but at least while there is all the construction going on, you’re probably going to have to walk up a hill getting around all of it. So put this route in your back pocket and bear the burden of the hill while you still have to, and consider your Au Bon Pain as your Au Bon Gain.

3.) Take a Bus:
Unfortunately, none of the bus stops are really too convenient for MLC purposes, as literally none of them stop on the side of the road you would need to be on. The MLC is the most frequented building for UGA students of all ages and majors, and there are no bus stops that let you off right at the doors. Let that blow your mind as you’re walking up the hills that surround you.

2.) Turn Around and Go Home:
If you have to walk up a hill, you might as well just go home. Studying can happen better after a post-hill-climb nap in the privacy of your own home.

1.) Already be in an MLC Study Room:
When you really think about it, this is the only way.

The hills, man. They’re everywhere. You can’t avoid them, and we’re sorry.

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