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17 Semi-Good Things Semi-About UGA Semi-Formal

Semiformals at UGA aren’t expected to be the most extravagant event of the greek calendar. Save that hype for Formal, where you’re more elegantly dressed for disappointment. Semiformal, on the other hand, is the type of night that makes you say, “This is pretty fun, right? Right?” Enjoy all of the semi-good things semiformal can offer, such as:

17.) Free dinner:
If you’re the datee on someone else’s semiformal and not the dater – or simply date for short– you can expect a free meal, which, in all honesty, is the only reason to ever go on any date. But don’t get too excited, free dinner just means you’ll be guaranteed at least one slice of pizza at the pregame (But no guarantee on that guarantee).

16.) Not having to drive to semi:
However, you did have to walk 35 minutes, even though you were told the pregame was “just down the street.”

15.) Already knowing your date’s friends’ names from the last date night:
Half of them don’t remember yours though, so give them a “I’m so bad at names, too!” to look like the one who cares the least.

14.) No other guys wearing the same blazer as you this time:
Oh wait, one just walked in.

13.) Free drinks:
Most semiformals have a tab, meaning you can get all the free drinks you want. If you get there early enough. And wait in line long enough. And can carry more than two. And don’t want beer.

12.) A live band:
And they take requests! But only Maroon 5 songs. And not “Songs About Jane.”

11.) Being at a bar you’ve been meaning to check out for some time:
The semiformals at a bar you’ve been meaning to check out for some time that, until now, you had no, er, legal, reason to enter before. Just be cool and refrain from dapping up the door guy; he’s not one of your pledges. He’s a 41-year-old-man.

10.) Hearing the song “Superbass” by Nicki Minaj:
You know all the words to “Superbass!”

9.) Pool tables:
Two, to be exact. But one of them is missing the cue ball, and the other one is being used, but you’ve got dibs on the next game, as long as you never leave the table for the rest of the night.

8.) The provided snacks include gluten-free options:
They got your letter!

7.) Having an excuse to blow up people’s Insta feeds with pics of you and your date:
And only 3/4th of them are blurry.

6.) A professional photographer:
Your posed photos almost look candid! Just cough up $21.50 and the prints can be yours.

5.) A whole bowl of mints at the door:
And you can just take one!

4.) It not being as cold out as you anticipated:
Unfortunately, it is much hotter in the bar than you anticipated. Just make your date hold that thick winter coat.

3.) Being pretty fun for a Monday night:
You might have class tomorrow, but you’ve also got the perfect excuse if you need to leave your date early.

2.) Repeatedly seeing the play on “semi” for everyone’s Instagram captions:
On second thought, this isn’t semi-good. This is just awful.

1.) Sticking around for a rumored “surprise” at 11:
It’s another bowl of mints!

When it comes to fraternity and sorority events, semiformals are a good time, but they’re not a “great” time, and that’s okay.


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