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4 Things To Do When Irma’s Wet Fingers Touch Athens


We are all seeing the headlines and the Facebook posts about how Athens is in the path of this insane natural disaster. Even UGA said that they are watching themselves to make adjustments, which means there is a possibility Tuesdays classes will be cancelled in addition to Monday’s. So now it’s time to plan for this intense free day and all the hazardous fun we can make out of it.


4.) Make A Fidget Spinner Helicopter:
You know what’s a good way to make use out of 60 mph wind? Making your own helicopter. What you’ll need to make your own helicopter is a giant fidget spinner. Brace the wind and just fly away from all of your troubles.


3.) Become A Human Pinball:
No one wants to walk around in a hurricane because you know it’s a hurricane. But that is only because you lack the proper attire for the occasion. A giant hamster ball, however, would allow you to brace the elements in style and become a human pinball as you bounce down Broad.


2.) Finally Get Some Boujee Backyard Pool Space:
Unless you belong to one of the boujee apartment complexes, you don’t have access to a pool. The hurricane offers a unique opportunity to experience luxury amenities on a budget. This isn’t pricey, we recommend one of the two-foot-tall pools they sell at Walmart. If the pool thing doesn’t work out and it floods, it will make a good raft.


1.) Day Drink on a Monday:
One easy way activity for your Monday could be a casual day of drinking. The kind that starts at 10 a.m. and will last until 10 a.m. the next day. This activity is also one that can easily be a group or single activity. We recommend a Terrapin survival kit for this occasion.


In all fun and games this hurricane is no joke and really scary. For more info on how to be prepared for a hurricane check out this link:



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