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5 Texts You’ll Wake Up To After Going Out in Athens on Halloween



Halloween is the only holiday where you can dress up in a sexy costume and have a one-night stand with absolutely no judgement from your group chats the next day. If you tried to pull that shit on Christmas, you would be talked about more than UGA actually winning a football game. But all that doesn’t mean that you are always happy with your decisions that night. Here is a list of 5 possible texts you might see the morning after going out on Halloween in Athens.


5.) Bitch Stole My Costume:




It can be difficult for a guy to control himself if he has a Harley Quinn fetish this Halloween (thank you Suicide Squad). But if you to find one, it’s best if you get her number first because it will be hard to figure out which sexy Margot Robbie wannabe you banged the night before.


4.) Booty Implants:




People go crazy to make their costumes perfect for Instagram pics. Most people also do a costume based off someone they desire to look like. But refrain from plastic surgery to give yourself the desired aesthetic.


3.) Out of State Screw:




UGA sees enough out of state kids when we have a game, but on Halloween there are so many out of state kids it makes you wonder if we are the only school that celebrates the holiday. They look like a fun night at first but will leave you with instant regret in the morning.


2.) Where’s Bryan?:




You can never be 100% about what will go down Friday night but one thing is for certain: the buddy system will fail immediately. It won’t be until morning that you realize your frat bro never made it back to the house and is still trying to get some action at 10 a.m.


1.) Regret is Coming:




If you are going to be a screw up this Halloween, please do it to people you know. Nothing will be worse than having to make an embarrassing apology to those Athens townies and returning something you stole for some obscure reason.


We are sure your Halloween wasn’t full of any regret, but if it was these texts should show that there are a lot worse cases out there than whatever you managed to get yourself into. Wink Wink.  


No, you can’t use shacking to justify being “technically homeless”:

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