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5 Ways To Know If Your UGA Bus Driver Is Cool


There isn’t a lot of time to decide if your UGA Bus driver is cool or just some plain ole shmuck who’s in it for the money. There are those happy few who go the extra mile to distract you from the lack of driving skills most of the drivers have. That’s right, we’re talking people that make the magic school bus seem boring. Here are a few ways you know your UGA bus driver rocks:


5.) Wears Sunglasses Regardless of Sun in their Eyes:
Sunglasses are the international sign for cool at any age. They are a suitable for any situation, sun or no sun, formal or casual, and even day or night. If your bus driver is wearing sunglasses you that they are chill. The only negative is they are the one to take a 20 minute when you’re trying to make it to Ramsey.


4.) Listens to Harry Potter Audiobook:
Most typical bus drivers prefer to listen to top 40 radio, like, all the time and never change it up, which can be unbearable if we hear “Heathens” one more time. But some choose to use their power to play some quality literature, like the Harry Potter audiobooks. This satisfies your inner child as you go from being sneezed on by strangers to a train ride to Hogwarts. You can at least pretend.


3.) Bangs a Sick Beat on the Steering Wheel:
Some bus drivers might not even use the radio, instead they choose to preview their fire mixtape for all riders of the bus. This gives the entire bus ride a little more personality. It reminds you that your bus driver is a real person and not some mindless soul who is waiting to crash your bus. Who knows maybe you’ll see them winning Best New Artist in a couple years, stuff happens.


2.) Hangs Posters of Hot Swimsuit Babes Around Bus:
If you’ve ever seen a UGA bus, then you know it’s the closest thing to a prison bus that you ~hopefully~ will see in your lifetime. Adding some nice décor, like Sport Illustrated models, is a nice way to really liven the place up and give it some character. It shows that the bus driver cares about their job and wants to make it entertaining.


1.) Doesn’t Side Eye You at 2 a.m.:
If you’re riding the bus at 2 a.m., we know what’s up because probably you were too intoxicated even for UBER. A bus driver who doesn’t give you that annoying judgmental look when you’re at your worst is actually the coolest. No one wants to be kicked when they’re down, especially someone trying to just make it back to their room at this point.


These are just a few things that we think set some UGA bus drivers apart from others. Now we all know anyone who willingly drives a UGA bus is a good person and deserves a medal of honor, but we don’t have that many gold stars to give out.


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