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5 Weirdest Ceramic Bulldogs in Athens


Every student at UGA knows that there are big ceramic bulldogs all over campus. Why? To heighten some sort of weird, made-in-a-kiln school spirit? No one knows for sure. But we do know that they’re big and weird. So let’s talk about the ones we’ve deemed the weirdest.


5.) Downtown Bulldog:




With its visibility from any point on Broad St. and its classic Dawgs jersey, this might be the ceramic bulldog of all ceramic bulldogs. Like, seriously, the one.  Seriously. But to us, it kind of looks like a really old man who’s about to fly a plane in 1960. Try to tell us that’s not an aviator hat.


4.) Kroger Bulldog:




This huge ceramic bulldog is definitely on the list of scariest things encountered during one’s freshman year. In the lobby of the closest grocery store to the dorms, this dawg towers over every type of produce or good that Kroger could even dream about selling right behind its sliding glass doors. And its fierce growl is actually terrifying the closer you look. But this guy didn’t make the list because it’s made one too many freshmen pee his pants, it made the list because we’re still unsure why the manager decided that it might be a good idea to have it around. Maybe for some sort of branding initiative? A branding initiative that brands the Kroger no differently from other Krogers except that it has a huge ceramic bulldog right when you walk in? Your guess is as good as ours.


3.) Glasses Bulldog:




This lil guy might be the cutest of our ceramic bulldogs, but he definitely breeches the top five weirdest as well. Featured right in the middle of Milledge for a majority of UGA’s population to see on a daily basis, this bulldog is decked out in full optometrist garb from the glasses to the bow tie right down to the vision chart permanently painted on his torso.


2.) Flower Power Bulldog:




This flower crown is featured in the outskirts of Five Points, right outside the Jittery Joe’s outdoor seating area. Near no flower shops, beds, or children, for that matter. Nothing flower-related even remotely going on near this one. If you’re like us, you may be thinking, “Hmm, why all the flowers then?” We don’t know. We will never know. That’s what makes this guy number 2 on our list.


1.) Memorial Hall Bulldog:




This ugly little fella sits right outside Memorial Hall, the prime spot for students to pass by his ugly face every Saturday on their way to the student section gate—or better eton their way to a Franklin advising appointment. He’s maybe the ugliest thing we’ve ever laid an eye on. Maybe. Some have said he looks like Fetty Wap, but we say he looks like the receptionist from Monster’s, Inc. Mike Wazowski, anyone?


Well there you have it. The weirdest ceramic bulldogs at UGA. We’ve noticed ‘em, and we wanted you to notice ‘em, too. So the next time you pass one of these lucky guys, give ‘em a kiss for us.




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