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6 Things To Tell Yourself As You Walk To Class In The Rain At UGA

For some reason, this spring has been extremely wet. And also rainy. But, as it is April, these sorts of showers are supposed to happen. Climate change, schlimate change, am I right? But, as you’re walking to class in the rain, here are some things that you can say out loud to make yourself feel better.

6.) April showers bring May flowers:
Instead of being brought down by the bad, you can think about the good! All the flowers that will bloom in May because of all the rain you walked in April will be the good thing that will get you through. But only if you take a Maymester. And it doesn’t hurt to verbally declare this fact.

5.) North campus in the rain is a dream:
Because there’s some sort of charm on UGA’s North Campus that allows any weather to make it absolutely the most beautiful place you’ve ever stepped foot on, we are sure that North Campus in the rain is an absolute dream. And by saying this out loud, you might convince your fellow through-the-rain trekkers of the truth as well.

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4.) But look how school-spirited my umbrella is:
We all know that moment when we forgot our umbrella in our dorm room (when really we just didn’t check the weather that day) and had to buy an umbrella at the bookstore. Now, you can profess your die-hard love for the Dawgs, even on the rainy days.

3.) This is way cheaper than Six Flags white water:
We all know that Athens is full of hills, but with the amount of rain we’ve been getting, the hills have been like freakin’ waterslides. And, conveniently, there is a big pool ending at Tate Plaza where the rainwater pools up, so you can be like this for all the onlookers at Tate.

2.) Now I don’t have to take a shower today:
Now, these April showers aren’t just for May flowers, if you know what we mean. If you pack some soap in your back, you can get a a full-body rinse and check streaking through Herty Field off your bucket list in one foul swoop! It doesn’t get much better.

1.) I can finally put my showercap to use:
Accidentally purchase shower caps in bulk for a certain fraternity event? Need an excuse to put them all to use? Look no further than the constant shower you’ll be walking to class in. And screaming the protective measures for your hair might give other people some good ideas.

As you make these things known to the people you’re walking beside, just remember that wet Dawgs shake off to dry. Be careful out there.

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