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6 Ways Your iClicker is a Metaphor for Your Personal Relationships

Perhaps your class engagements relate to your dating engagements more than you’d think. And just like you were once looking for that hand-me-down iClicker device for your anthropology class, maybe it’s time to look for a hand-me-down love to call your own. Here’s the 6 ways your relationship with your clicker is a metaphor for your personal relationships.

6.) Getting one is a hassle:
Being told on your first day of class that you need a clicker invokes an involuntary groan. The exhaustion that can come about from the dating game isn’t much different. One situation involves spending lots of money on something you can only hope will last you through the semester, and the other situation involves a clicker.

5.) It’s a longer commitment than you realized:
When the semester started, it seemed like everyone around you was suddenly getting into these long-term commitments, even setting expiration dates, anywhere from five months to one year to two year long commitments! Who’s to know where you’ll be living next year, let alone how you’ll feel about your current relationships. When it does inevitably end, hopefully you’ll be able to say you had a good run, and if you’re feeling lost, rest easy knowing you can always renew things for another year.

4.) You forget how they work after too long:
After cutting things off at the end of your freshman year, it can be scary to find yourself in a similar relationship years later as an upperclassman. How does it work? Where do I put my hands? How do I keep the LED-backlit spark alive? Don’t fret, friend. Simply turn to your neighbor and watch how they handle themselves in their relationship. Follow their lead– or don’t –accordingly.

3.) It’s more complex than you’d think:
Underneath that sleek exterior is a complex inner circuitry a guy like you will never truly understand. Who would’ve thought there’d be so many buttons to press? Press the wrong one and you’ll go from getting everything right to flunking what you’ll later realize was some sort of “test.”

2.) Some say you need them, others say you don’t:
Everyone’s got an opinion. Experts say they’re inevitable, friends say they’re pointless, and, oddly enough, some professors say they’re mandatory to pass their class. Don’t listen to any of them and do what feels natural, even if it means you’ll end up with a 6 while your best friend snagged himself a 10 (assuming you’re graded on a 1-10 scale).

1.) Just when you think you don’t need it anymore, you do:
That’s it! You’re done with the stress, you’re done with the games, and you’re done putting in the work, even though you’ll lose partial credit if you don’t show your work. But still, even after all this time, can you really go on without that little baby in your life? After all, midterms will be here before you know it. If you don’t have to, why go it alone?

Clickers and relationships. Different subjects altogether, or the same exact thing? You decide. If you wind up with a clicker for Valentine’s Day, well, maybe you decided wrong.


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