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7 Food Items You Would Never Crave if You Had Never Been on a 7-Day UGA Meal Plan


Everyone gets cravings, but with the 7-day meal plan at UGA, the struggle is very real. Overall the dining halls are kinda like being in a giant buffet with food you don’t really want but need to survive. But once we grow accustomed to all of the options, your diet will be forever changed for the rest of your dining hall life.


7.) Cereal: Any Type, Any Time of Day:
Some people think that cereal is only a breakfast food but they are sadly mistaken. This is an item you will crave literally any time; whether it be 11 a.m. or 11 p.m., it’s like reliving all of your kindergarten dreams as an adult.


6.) Bolton General Tso’s Chicken:
It’s safe to say that this is the only hot line hot commodity, more of a hot commodity than than your hot lab TA! There are many days that you don’t want to wait in a line and just want to eat as fast as possible. That’s where General Tso’s chicken comes in to save the day.


5.) Calzone:
For the average person, pizza is already a great food item to satisfy your hunger. But once you are spoiled by the luxury that is The Niche calzones, you can’t go back. Pizza Hut and Papa John’s don’t got nothing on The Niche. You know if UGA has to move an entire dining hall to the health sciences campus to beat the crowds that shit is flames.


4.) Crappy Pizza at 1 a.m.:
We all know the feeling of needing something that really satisfies the hunger you get after that 5th shot of fireball. But at that early in the morning your options are a little limited. That’s when Snelling comes in to save the day and serve some the greasiest pizza you could ask for.


3.) Pasta for Dinner 7 Days a Week:
The dining halls can be a hit or a miss when it comes to the main dishes, which is why you decided that pasta is your best dinner option for the entire week and you never looked back. You could theoretically spice it up with something adventurous like a burger, but then you’d be missing out on acid reflux in the morning!


2.) ECV Phillies:
It takes a lot for a craving to make you take a bus all the way over to east campus, but a philly is well worth the adventure. In fact, some may even foot the bill for east campus parking to be able to snag this sandwich; whether the cost be a million dollars, 78 traded blue books, or a walk of shame, you will pay the cost.


1.) Cookies at all Hours of the Day:
Thank you UGA dining services for making the freshman 15 something that everyone can obtain. One of the biggest contributors being the delicious cookies they serve to students all day long. It’s like they tried to make it easy to sneak 20 out at a time.


Let’s be honest, if you are on a 7-day meal plan you are probably craving everything you have ever tried, but these are the most notable of the late night food desires. UGA dining services has thought of it all and serves it all, except for the vegans who are limited to cupcakes. They’re working on it.


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