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7 Places In Athens to Become the Next DJ Rx

If you haven’t heard of DJ Rx, then you’re really not attending UGA. He’s more popular than the double chocolate cookies from Bolton. But it’s time for a new, younger DJ to take his place. To help a padawan DJ step up to the plate, we have compiled a list of the best places to jumpstart your career as the background noise of beer pong.

7.) 100 Proof:
Obviously, you need to start small and where you can force people to listen to you, which 100 Proof can definitely provide. A nice benefit of this establishment is that as long as you include anything with Migos or something that makes people feel they are hood when they really the only hood thing about them is their UGA hoodie.

6.) Hedges:
This is a venue for when you’re ready to take the next step and want to start being a staple of the semi-formal scene. Until people have chugged their third drink, they’ll probably harass you to just play Bodak Yellow, which you will play cause it’s a good song. You’ll also have to put up with everyone attempting to get on your stage and dance but hey, that just comes with the territory!

5.) Tate Plaza:
Every good artist needs to give back at times and performing here can count as your community service for your parole officer. You’ll have to deal with competition as there are many douches that like to walk around with a speaker and play random shit like the High School Musical soundtrack. You will just have to kill them with a fire playlist.

4. ) Turn the outside back area of the MLC into a music festival:
This is a good place as any for a budding prescription DJ wanting to live out their Coachella fantasy but most likely turn into the saddest most emo stage at Vans Warped Tour maybe ever. Your worst enemy will be the unpredictable Georgia weather trying to rain on your parade, literally. There is also the possibility of having a hurricane rampage your stage, forcing you to use your speakers as a life preserver.

3.) Intercom of Bolton:
The radio has nothing on the intercom of Bolton. They are always playing the high key bops from every era and its time that a new DJ take the airwaves and turn Bolton into the new hotspot rather than its current status of fplace to be fed fried rice with a lot of MSG. A dinning hall lady may shank you for the aux, but the two day old cookies make good blunt objects.

2.) The stereo of a night bus:
The perfect underutilized set piece is a night bus. After all, some night night buses be seriously bumpin’. You gotta just turn yourself into the driver that decks their bus out for a Fast and Furious movie. You need some sexy lighting, a good sound system, and maybe some strippers for the poles on the bus. You’ll gain an instant fan base of drunk freshmen making their way from DT to Creswell.

1.) The third floor communal bathroom in Brumby:
Everyone knows it’s a pain to lug your speakers into bathrooms every time you need to shower, and you can eliminate that need by becoming a weirdo who sets up his turntables right next to the infamous leaky faucet head stall. It’s got the acoustics, the hostages, and the same smell of regret you have at an actual rave. Just think how amazing it would be able to be the soundtrack to someone taking their morning dump.

We hope to see all the up and coming DJs take their stage sometime real soon. We are also just sick of DJ Rx and will take anyone with a good Spotify playlist.

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