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7 Things To Do in the 7 Weeks Before You Graduate From UGA

Hey seniors! There’s only seven more weeks before you graduate from UGA! Yikes! And as if trying to find a job wasn’t bad enough, we just wanted to give you a friendly reminder that there’s probably stuff in Athens to do that you haven’t done yet. Since there are seven weeks left, we’ve compiled seven things to do in Athens that you probably haven’t done. One thing per week? Totally doable.

7.) Eat at All the Local Restaurants:
From the classic favorites like Last Resort and Cali ‘N Titos to the lesser known gems like Weaver D’s or Cali ‘N Titos Eastside (we really like Cali ‘N Titos), we’ve calculated that if you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a different restaurant for seven days, you can hit them all. And some of them even take Bulldawg Bucks. Cha-ching.

6.) Make Your Included-in-Tuition Membership at Ramsey Cost Effective:
Instead of wasting your money, you could take a week in these last seven to go to the UGA gym. Get over your fear of working out in public! Make gains, both in your muscles and in your wallet! You’ve already paid for it, anyway. We think this item on the list goes well after your local Athens restaurant tour, as well.

5.) Spend All Your Paw Points:
With our supreme respect going to the person who can accomplish both number six and number five, spending all your Paw Points is pretty impossible without also trying every local restaurant in Athens. We’re thinking your best bet is going to treat yourself to the dessert of the Niche Pizza gelato to complete this challenge.

4.) The Trifecta:
You know that thing that everyone on your Freshman hall talked about doing but never did? That’s right. The Trifecta. Trespassing on every significant piece of sporting property that UGA’s campus maintains, starting with Stegeman and Foley Field and ending on the 50 yard line of Sanford Stadium. Punishable only by getting your football tickets for next season revoked, what do you have to lose, almost alumnus?

3.) Become SGA President:
Elections are coming up, but we’re sure there’s still time to get your name on a campaign ticket. And then actually campaign. And then create and stand on a platform. And then make a website. And then win the election. What more of a resume builder could you ask for, really?

2.) Headline the Georgia Theatre:
Why settle for the rooftop when you can have the real thing? Rekindle the GroupMe from your “Intro To Music” First-Year Odyssey, sweet talk the manager of the Theatre, and boom, you’re in. The picture of your name in big red Georgia Theatre letters would make a great Facebook cover photo.

1.) Walk Under the Arch…One Week Early:
Here at The Black Sheep, we want our readers to defy all odds. So, when it’s certain that you’re going to graduate, test your fate by walking under UGA’s biggest superstition one week early. Unrelated: This May, The Black Sheep will also be doing research regarding the arch-walking to graduation-likelihood ratio. Any data that might be applicable to this research would be sincerely appreciated.

We hope this list has opened your eyes to all of the things in Athens that you could be doing to really live up your last few weeks here. Good luck, seniors.

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