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8 Duos Who Aren’t As Cool As Nick And Sony

There are many duos in this world, but none so great as the greatest RB pair of all time: Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. To give you a comparison of how incredible these two human beings are, we gave you a list of duos who aren’t nearly as cool as them, just so that you can get a little perspective.

8.) Batman and Robin:
Has the Caped Crusader or the Boy Wonder managed to run the ball past defenses impregnable and beat the Heisman Trophy winner in the Granddaddy of Them All? I think not. Nick and Sony are the real heroes here.

7.) Donald Trump and Mike Pence:
Can you honestly say that you haven’t had dreams about Nick and Sony being in the White House? Tbh, they’d probably do a better job. They actually made something great again.

6.) Brangelina:
Hollywood’s hottest couple? Psh. You knew that these two could never really last. If you have the whole United Nations worth of children, that relationship won’t last. #TeamAniston4Ever

5.) Chips and Queso:
Yes my friends it’s true. Though we’ve had many a chip dipped into that wonderful elixir, it curdles in comparison to the magnificence of numbers 1 and 27.

4.) Tom and Jerry:
5 year old you fell in love with the antics of this crazy cat and mouse, and it’s true: no football player can drop a piano on a cat’s head. But ya know what’s better than both a cat and a mouse? A mf DAWG baby.

3.) Peanut Butter and Jelly:
They may have made a good sandwich when you were in middle school, but when was the last time that you used peanut butter or jelly for anything in your fridge? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

2.) Jay Z and Beyoncé:
Two beautiful people like Nick and Sony clearly outweigh the combination of one divinely beautiful person like Bey and an ugly person like Jay-Z. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

1.) Drake and Josh:
Yeah these two made you laugh with all the wacky stunts that they pulled off, but they’re nowhere near as amazing as Nick and Sony. Ya know why? Because Nick and Sony would never allow themselves to get played so hard by their stepsister. Megan. 

Hopefully now you know how amazing Nick and Sony are to our lives as UGA students. If you didn’t already, you probably shouldn’t even be going to UGA in the first place.


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