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8 Restaurants in Athens that Aren’t Pauley’s But Are Better

It’s not that we don’t love Pauley’s…well, it kind of is. Because variety is the spice of life, ya know? And we like our lives a little spicier than crepes and getting wine drunk on a Tuesday. So here are eight different options for your palate.

8.) IHOP
Ah, the International House of Pancakes. Conveniently located on Baxter Street. Although getting wine drunk here isn’t a (legal) option, the pancakes are just as good (if not better) than a crepe from Pauley’s. In addition to seasonal pancakes and way more variety than the-place-that-shall-not-be-named, you also have a choice between three different kinds of syrup. Now try and tell us that’s not a million times better than a lame crepe.

7.) Weaver D’s:
Located on Broad Street on the East side of town, this soul food restaurant is more than just an Athens classic, it’s an Athens legend. The motto of Weaver D’s is “Automatic for the People,” and the members of R.E.M asked owner Dexter Weaver if they could use the motto for the name of their album in 1992. Truly iconic.

6.) Captain D’s:
Not as iconic and not as good as Weaver D’s is Captain D’s on Prince Ave. It’s not everyday that you can get butterfly shrimp and key lime pie at the same establishment. Stay tuned for follow-up research to see if the Captain and the Weaver have any relation.

5.) Seabear:
If a previously frozen stick of fish isn’t really your thing, you can hop over a couple of blocks to try some gourmet seafood at one of Athens’ most highly rated restaurants, Seabear Oyster Bar. This restaurant is brought to you in part by Peter Dale, who is self-described as “Equal parts Gilligan, The Skipper, and Thurston Howell III,” and who also owns Athens’ restaurants The National and Condor Chocolates. Long story short: he’s loaded and knows what he’s doing.

4.) One of the Taqueria’s:
Depending on what kind of taco you’re in for, you can choose between one of Athens’ many Taqueria’s. You’ve got Taqueria Del Sol for a very white-girl-basic and traditional taco; Taqueria Tsunami which is white-girl-basic with an Asian infusion; and finally, you’ve got Taqueria La Parrilla, which is the one-stop shop for all your authentic Mexican food needs.

3.) Chick-fil-A:
With the new and sixth CFA opening in Athens this year, the odds of you trying to go to a different restaurant and accidentally ending up at a Chick are pretty high. So you might as well just go in the first place. You know you want to.

2.) Saucehouse:
The name is not misleading. This is the house of sauce. With nine options to choose from, your BBQ will be coated. Despite their weird hours, you can always count on fast service with their buffet-style service line. It’s the Chipotle of barbecue.

1.) Trappeze Pub:
If you’re interested in not sticking together with your SO for much longer, then do we have the place for you. An interesting phenomenon has arisen based around a series of dates from different couples who have all broken up shortly after eating at Trappeze. Thus, the “Trappeze Trap” was born. It’s uncuffing season, and you’re welcome.

We hope you can glean from this list a greater appreciation from the variety of food places around Athens. 

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