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8 Things UGA Professors Need To Stop Doing Right Now 


UGA professors have a special way of making you want to throw your expensive Joe’s latte right in their face. They know all the little things that can get under your skin and do them every chance they get. For your viewing pleasure, we have composed a list of things that UGA professors need to stop doing, like right now.


8.) Requiring attendance but reading off PowerPoints:
We can all see why attendance is a necessity, but what’s not a necessity is making us show up to class when all you do is read off the PowerPoint that’s posted on ELC anyway. If that’s what our tuition pays for we can do that ourselves and not sit through 50 minutes in a freezing classroom.


7.) Making you connect with them on LinkedIn:
Networking is great, vital even in today’s world obsessed with social networks. But that doesn’t mean we need to have a connection to a lecturer in Plant Biology 1001 for our future career aspirations.


6.) Talking shit about UGA and hyping Clemson or other schools:
Not everyone needs to have UGA school spirit just because they work for this institution, but there is a boundary. That boundary is defined as trashing UGA while praising your alma mater. Yes, we know Clemson is a good school, but they didn’t hire you, so GO DAWGS.


5.) Not answering emails but posting on ELC:
A good teacher knows how to communicate with their students They will make sure you know if the syllabus gets updated. So that’s why when a professor refuses to send an email about class being canceled but thinks randomly posting on ELC is sufficient can be irksome. We all love showing up to an empty classroom because we didn’t get the memo.


4.) Making you buy their book:
A professor has to do a lot to earn their higher degree, so we can see why they would be proud about the book they wrote, but lets be serious, requiring it for every class you teach is just exploiting broke ass college kids. We will not stand for this kind of egotism and dirty profit!


3.) Saying “anything in the book is fair game” even if they don’t teach it:

The main job of a teacher it to teach, it’s kind of in the name. However, some have found this loophole that says they can test you on whatever the hell they want but don’t necessarily have to teach it to you themselves. Don’t we all love the adrenaline rush of seeing new material on a test.


2.) Requiring an iClicker, 2 textbooks, and 3 access codes for a one credit class:
College students are on a budget. We have all seen the basic white girl memes about it. Therefore, a professor should know that we lack the funds to afford dropping $500 on an arsenal of supplies for one class. They should be happy we have the money to buy a pen for their class.


1.) Calling every test a midterm:
For once and for all we need to get this cleared up. A midterm takes places in the middle of the semester, that’s why it’s called a MIDterm. We are tired of all these professors who call a simple test a midterm. Learn the difference. Please and thank you.


There are many ways a teacher can annoy the hell at you, but we hope you can relate to these few. We also hope one day we can all live in a world where teachers no longer commit these atrocities. Here’s to hoping.



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