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8 UGA Sorority Chair Positions That You Didn’t Know Existed

In order for sororities to exist, there has to be a hierarchy of leadership. The people who run the show are on Exec, but the people who handle the logistics are the different chair positions. These positions are not always the flashiest or the most resume-worthy, so you might not know about all them. But because we are all about enlightenment here at The Black Sheep, here are 8 chair positions that you probably didn’t know existed.

8.) The Chair Chair:
Because UGA sororities are bigger than they have ever been before, there are more chairs in the chapter rooms than there have ever been before. So many chairs that chapters have decided to implement a chair position dedicated to chairs. Like the kind that you sit in.

7.) The Fire Chair:
Because of the aforementioned chair problem, sororities have begun to break fire code during chapter nights. The fire chair is responsible for keeping watch down Milledge toward the fire station to ensure no surprise fire inspection comes to pass.

6.) The Snack Chair:
Serving as the house mom that isn’t the actual house mom, this position ensures that the snack pantry is fully stocked with the best of the best seasonal snacks. You can expect UGA SweeTart Gummies during football season and Bolton cookies whenever supply is accessible.

5.) The Lawn Chair:
The Houses on Milledge are known for their beautiful lawns, and this is in part due to the lawn chair. She keeps tabs on every Eno in the house, making sure that on beautiful spring days, members aren’t ruining the beds of flowers trying to climb up into the trees. Her job also entails making semi-flirtatious small talk with the lawn services workers.

4.) The MLC Chair:
Have you ever noticed an MLC study room with about six or seven girls with similar-looking laptop stickers? During busy exam weeks, it’s the MLC chair’s job to hold study rooms for her sisters.

3.) The Music Chair:
In addition to being in charge of all the music during Recruitment Week, this chair position is responsible for all the surrounding Fraternity houses. To ensure optimal approachability to their side of Milledge, each Music Chair makes playlists for their surrounding frats whose brothers tend to hang around outside their houses and blast music.

2.) The Kirby Smart Button Chair:
With the huge increase in demand of Kirby Smart buttons for football games, all sororities developed a chair position this season that was in charge of making the buttons at Tate Print and Copy in bulk.

1.) The Operating Chair:
The overseer of all the chairs, the Operating Chair runs everything from distributing mints on game days to taking care of makeup emergencies with surgery-like precision. Those Georgia G face stickers don’t put themselves on faces, you know.

With this information, you can now better understand the sororities at UGA. You’re welcome.


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