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Best Places to Curl Up in the Fetal Position at UGA


Does logging in to ELC make you cringe and get a little teary eyed? Does all the work you have in the next few weeks crush your soul? Well don’t fret because we here at The Black Sheep have figured out the best places at UGA where you can crawl in to the fetal position for a little TLC.


6.) Fourth Floor Reading Rom of the Lib:




This is the most ideal spot for a little reflection about where you went wrong in life. The room is full of windows that are perfect to stare out and look at the clouds and think of happier times. Plus, those giant ass pillows will cushion you as you contemplate.  


5.) Anywhere in the MLC:




It only seems fitting that the place that makes you want to throw your Jittery Joes cup at a stranger is the best place to curl up. As you wander around lost, like a tech fan in downtown Athens, just looking for an empty study room, you might wanna find a nice corner and question reality because God knows you are never going to find an empty study room.


4.) The Rotunda of Tate:




This is the least private option on our list but somehow a great pick anyway. There are numerous chairs to lend cushion for your pain and its also very busy, so maybe no one will even notice you there stress-crying into your Barbs. Plus, while you’re sitting there thinking about changing your major to Turfgrass Management, you can people watch. We guarantee you will see someone there who is even more screwed than you.


3.) Ramsey:




Let’s be honest, any time we enter this jungle it calls for a nice curl up into the fetal position. Like when you’re running and you realize you’ve turned the freshman 15 into the freshman 30. Meanwhile the girl in front of you is lapping you with a broken leg.


2.) Sanfod Hall:




This is a prized possession to the UGA school and its students because every student is reminded about Terry on daily. Applying to this school sends many kids to the therapist in the Health center, making it the best place to curl up in the fetal position. It is also the fanciest place you can do this in.


1.) Bowls Outside MLC:




There are not many purposes for these bowls so you might as well get your money’s worth while you can. No one Is going to find you here which makes it an ideal spot to be in a vulnerable position. It is also the most adventurous spot on the list.


We hope this list of optimal places on UGA’s campus to  curl up into the fetal position helps soften the blow this finals season. Happy studying!



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