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Best UGA Campus Spots for Seductive Tinder Profile Pics


Let’s be honest, no one is going to want to swipe right on you when half of your pictures are of you and your mother, its little off-putting when you’re looking for sex. You also don’t want pictures that communicate just how vanilla you are; instead, you’ll want something that says “I’m dangerous in the bedroom and you may regret sleeping with me in the morning.” Don’t worry, we have some inspiration that is guaranteed to get you more matches than you ever thought possible.


8.) Holmes Hunter Academic Building:




This place is ideal to show your potential Tinder hookup just how much you can handle. It features the biggest poles you will see on campus, which may be too big for some people.


7.) Chapel Bell:




This picture is for those looking for the old-fashioned, southern late night screw. You are looking for the one who will share all the same morals and kinks that you do.


6.) Dirty Streetlight:




If you have been on Tinder for a while, you know there are a lot of dirty people out there, yourself included. This spot shows off that side of you and can lure in many interesting people from the dark hole of Tinder.


5.) Average Campus Tree:




This spot is for those not afraid of the “oh natural” look even if it means you are hooking up with a literal sasquatch. Hey we aren’t judging; everyone has their preference.


4.) The Arch:




The Arch says look I’m adventurous and like a little danger in the bedroom. You are willing to fail undergrad just for the possibility of looking good for a dating app.


3.) Parking Posts:




This spot says that you need a little incentive before you take off your pants, even for a blind hookup. It also can say that yes you are desperate and cannot afford to pay for any more UGA parking tickets.


2.) Bernard Ramsey Statue:




A picture here sends the clear message  that you are  looking for a sugar daddy. It’s a relatable issue, especially when you lose HOPE for the second time.



1.) Toppers:




A Tinder pic in front of Toppers makes the statement that you know what you’re doing. It also says you will steal all of someone’s stuff before they wake up and will never see you again. It’s best to advertise your intentions with your profile.


We hope these UGA Tinder pic spots will lead you to a lot more success will all of you dating app needs, it sure has helped us get the point across!





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