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5 Places to Park at UGA When the Tate Deck is Full


If you have a car at UGA and drive it around sometimes, you know that there is never a place to park in the heart of UGA’s campus when the Tate Deck is full. And the Tate Deck is always full. We at The Black Sheep have compiled a list of the places we have found it best to park when the Tate Deck vacancy sign is unfortunately flashing red:


5.) The Hull Street Deck:
Hull Street is the other UGA parking deck that is ITP of the Bolton/MLC/Tate trifecta. It’s a farther walk than the walk from the Tate Deck, but sometimes, there are goats grazing in that little fenced-in grassy area by the Hull Deck, and that’s pretty cool.


4.) Park on Lumpkin:
Yes, Lumpkin. The busiest road on campus. And the best way to do this is to pretend your car broke down. Trust us, we’re speaking from experience, here. The prime spot to put up your hood and turn on your hazards is in the middle of the intersection right there by Bolton. Pretend you are going into the MLC to make a phone call. No one will ever know that it’s your car stranded in the middle of the intersection.


3.) The Classic Legion Switcheroo:
 This is the classic system that all college students should employ in their parking regimen. Firstly, schedule your classes on the days opposite your roommate. Say, you load up on MWF and she loads up on T/Tr. Then, you take your car to the Legion Lot and snag a parking spot there on Monday morning. Then, leave your car there overnight and hitch a ride back home with your roommate. Then, when your roommate has class the next day and you don’t, drive with her to Legion and snag your car while she snags your spot. It really is that simple.


2.) Pull onto the Sidewalk in Between the MLC and Tate:
You know how those huge trucks sometimes drive up that sidewalk and park there like it’s their unalienable right to block pedestrian traffic? Yeah, well, what’s stopping you from doing the same thing? Transform your mid-sized sedan into a big, brown delivery truck. Very carefully fashioned cardboard boxes will do just fine. Just make sure they say “UPS” in big block letters.


1.) The Unspoken Minor Loophole:
What a lot of people don’t talk about, but everyone certainly takes advantage of here at UGA is the “minor Loophole” which states that you can park absolutely anywhere as long as there are two minors in the car. When creating this legislature, lawmakers thought they had found the perfect loophole in order to distribute more parking tickets since the number of minors in the Athens area is very minimal, but this is what those summer-birthday freshmen are practically made for. When they’re not in class, they’re in pairs and also looking for a car just to sit in to make your parking dreams a reality.


We know UGA parking is hard. And it doesn’t help that the people who write tickets are mega-douches. But our advice is foolproof. Take our word for it.



If you pregame the pregame then your life just becomes ones giant pregame:


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