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5 Types of People You’ll Meet During Drop/Add Week at UGA


With the first “full” week of class under our belts that the dining halls have forced us to loosen up notch or two last semester, we’ve met pretty much all of the people we’re going to meet this semester. It’s no secret all friendship prospects must be acted upon in the first week, and everything beyond that is just another face you’re going to have to awkwardly avoid on campus until graduation. There are still a few days left in Drop/Add week though, and we can bet you’ll meet all of these five types of people during them.


5.) The Overeager Responder:
This stereotypical student isn’t just raising his hand for every single question your professor has ever thought to ask; when the student isn’t sitting in the front row of every room in Park Hall, answering every question, he’s sounding his barbaric “yeahs”, “mhmms”, and other way-too-loud observations that let the professor know all of his essays will in fact be over the page limit.


4.) The One With No Sense of Time:
And by no sense of time, we mean both generally and specifically. Generally, this person is always running late. May it be from overeating at Bolton or oversleeping in Creswell, without fail, this person is never on time for anything. But specifically, it’s never just ten minutes late. It’s always 45 minutes into a 50-minute lecture when this person opens the squeaky door of the Instructional Plaza. It’s like she specifically can’t add 50 from the start time of the class and just shows up because she thinks she has more-or-less made it within the time frame of the lecture.


3.) The Soft-Spoken Genius:
This stereotype is an interesting one because in order for you to truly appreciate it, one important factor must be perfectly in place. You have to be sitting at least three rows away from said student. The farther back you are seated in the classroom. The soft-spoken student will be literally only a pair of moving lips for you. However, everything she says will be taken as truth and will never be repeated for clarity by whichever professor is graced by her presence. And with your luck, whatever she says will be testable material. You signed up for English 2340, but you ended up in Lip-Reading 1001. And you sure as heck can’t minor in that.


2.) The Too Cool to Take Notes Guy:
We all know this one. He’s the guy in all of your MLC lectures that never takes notes. But that’s not all: he’s never doing anything else. He’s never on his phone or his computer; he just stares at the projected PowerPoint and soaks in all the pertinent info like a wizard. We have no idea how it works for him, but we kind of want him to father our children just to get that gene into the mix and to be able to dip into his Jeopardy! three-day cash winnings.


1.) The One With Too Much Stuff:
Even during Drop/Add week, this person exists in full throttle. She has, currently on her person, four jackets, a backpack, both the TI83 and TI84 graphing calculators, and a UGA bookstore bag, so weighed down with texts that its handles are like skin-cutting daggers. We all know her, and we are all concerned.


We’ve seen the people, and we’ve recorded their existence. Now, we hope that the Drop/Add stereotypes will be smacking you in the face for the rest of the semester as your classes become concrete. You’re welcome.


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