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Frat Boy Credits His Strong Pull-Out Game After Withdrawing From Classes Right Before Deadline

Athens, GA ─ On the last day to withdraw from classes without posting a failing grade, Josh Kosh, a third-year finance major and SAE active, credited his “strong pull-out game” for being able to withdraw from his classes. 

Students often wait until the last day (occasionally down to the last hour) to withdraw from a class, yet Kosh wanted to wait until the last possible second before pulling out of all his classes. 

“I mean, it wasn’t a question of ‘Can I do this?’ because I do it literally every weekend with one blonde or another,” boasted Kosh. “My record is immaculate: zero pregnancies, zero plan B, zero scares of any kind – my pull-out game is just that strong.”

The Black Sheep asked Kosh if he relies on protection or insurance of any kind in both the fields of academia or sex.

“Nah, man. I don’t wear condoms or nothing like that, if that’s what you’re asking. It’s all about the thrills and the skills,” Kosh laughed confidently. “I used to be addicted to coke, but rehab told me to look for a high elsewhere. So now, I just rely on the adrenaline from the pull-out.”

Kosh serves as an inspiration to all students who wonder if it’s just too late to pull out of that class you have a 38% in.

“If you have a strong pull-out game, then by all means,” Kosh said.

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