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Incoming UGA Freshman Goes Knocking Door-to-Door on Milledge Looking for a Bid

With Spring semester fully underway, every house on Milledge is thinking about the potential new fraternal men and women that will be joining them in their pledge to fulfill the precedents set up by the chapters before them. And darties. They’re always thinking about darties.

But just because everyone on Milledge knows what the deal with rush is doesn’t mean that everyone does. Especially the baby Dawgs that have just recently received their acceptance into UGA. And especially Brad Miller, a member of UGA’s class of 2022, who was found wandering the Greek row of Milledge Avenue, going door-to-door and asking for bids.

In a surprisingly non-discriminating display of boldness, Miller knocked on every single house with Greek letters on it, regardless of historically male or female membership. When we asked the presidents of each chapter their thoughts on the matter, every response expressed some sort of gratitude that the poor kid didn’t get hit by a car. They all thought that he was delusional.

When some kind on-looker decided to call the police, the officer that drove Miller home got to talk a little bit with the incoming freshman. Officer Dan Parkins claims that Miller’s mother is at fault for the incident. “Knowing that fraternity rush starts way earlier than it should,” Parkins states, “Miller’s mom sent him up to Athens with the only instruction of ‘getting a bid.’ She should have been more specific.”

But, as it turns out, Miller succeeded in the task his mother set out for him and then some, as he received three pieces of paper from his walk down Milledge that day: two fraternity bids and a ticket from the Athens-Clarke County police department.

After Miller was released from the questioning room at the police HQ and before his mom came to pick him up, we got a few words in with the high school senior. We asked him what he was most excited about for his four years at UGA. He responded, “I thought my most exciting moment at UGA was going to be getting a bid from a fraternity by the way my mom was talking about it. But, seeing as though I already accomplished that, I guess I’m excited for the football.”

As rush event season approaches, let’s all learn a lesson from Brad. Let’s get excited about football. And also, what could potentially be a stressful process can actually be accomplished with a little bit a boldness and a little bit of delusion. Thanks, Brad.


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