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What Your Mode of UGA Transportation Says About You


Depending on where you live and the content of your character, your mode of transportation more than likely differs from that of your peers. How you get around Athens can be very telling about you, so we at The Black Sheep created this guide to help you get a read on your fellow Dawgs without ever actually having to talk to them.   


UGA Transit:
The most basic of UGA’s transportation options is undoubtedly the campus bus system. If you take the bus to class, you’re fortunate enough to live near a bus stop. And this in and of itself says a lot about who you are as a person. To put it straight, you’re either a freshman or you pay somebody a whole lotta cash in the form of monthy rent. And whether you’re 18 years old or have the monthly income of a person who can afford near-campus rent, one things for sure: you’re totally above walking.


Athens Transit:
If you’re one of the #blessed ones that gets to ride Athens transit, we know two things about you. We know that you know the location of your UGA ID (which most of us lost coincidentally after our meal plan expired). We also know that you have seen some crazy things/local people on your daily commute. Your innocence has been taken. You’re jaded, we know it.


Your Own Two Feet:
This might be the most grueling mode of transportation. Walking to class, especially from off-campus, is the toughest thing you could ever possibly do. Do you know how many hills Athens is home to? The answer is approximately a billion. If you walk, you’re the toughest of the tough. You’re even tougher if you do it barefoot, like that one kid who only puts on shoes to be allowed into dining halls.


If you ride a bike to and from class, you don’t give a darn what anyone thinks about you. We know this for two reasons. The first reason is perspiration. If you ride a bike, no matter what the temp is outside, the sweat levels can range anywhere from light mist to Gatorade commercial. (We’ve seen you, guy that sweats Tropical Mango.) The second reason is sharing the road. This means with humans operating motor vehicles and walking humans. You know the car drivers hate you when you hold up traffic, and you know you look idiotic while weaving through the crowds in the Bolton crosswalk.


Your Hot Set of Wheels:
Not to be confused with your set of Hot Wheels. We’re not gonna lie, this mode is the laziest of all the modes. If you drive your car to class, you are also very likely to stay on campus until 11 p.m. in order to not (a) pay for parking and (b) exert the effort of sitting in rush hour campus traffic.


If you are seen riding a moped around Ath, you’re most likely headed to East Campus at the end of the day because you live there and are an athlete. It’s pretty much a direct correlation as according to our extensive statistical research.


Razor Scooter:
You have ‘em; we’ve seen ‘em. This might be the most fun mode of transportation. And you get the perfect amount of help up the hills of Athens. If you scoot to class, you are most certainly in touch with your inner kid. And you also have the most street cred due to the astonishing amount of conc’ (read:concrete) you shred daily.


We hope that you’ve learned a little something about yourself now that you know what your mode of transportation says about you. Keep on keepin’ on with getting to class, and don’t forget, your chosen method of Athens transportation is as telling about you as your dining hall preference!




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