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MTV Reality Shows They Should Make About UGA


It’s about time that UGA got the attention for the drama that it deserves. We have seen complete mental breakdowns in the middle of Tate and friendships destroyed while on a broken-down bus. We could bet that our campus snapchat story is in the hall of fame for number of recorded face-plants on the sidewalk in a single night. With all of that in mind, we came up with some reality shows we think MTV, the warlords of random drama reality shows, should make about UGA.


6.) Real House Moms of Milledge:
In this show a camera crew would document the lives of the sorority moms that are found in our Greek homes. We want to see a glimpse into their glam lives and see the real tea, or even just srat moms actually drinking tea. Cat fights with other sorority moms would be great, but we’ll settle for some footage of them throwing shade at girls doing a walks of shame.


5.) Redneck Beach Shore:
This show would throw 6 college kids who don’t know each other together and make them day drink at Redneck Beach Survivor style. They wouldn’t be provided a house but would be given two tents and one Eno for shelter. All of the following would be encouraged: hooking up with tent mates, skinny dipping in one foot of water, and erotic sand castle competitions. The climax of the show would involve an MMA brawl ensuing after someone took the last Terrapin.


4.) Bolton’s Kitchen:
The latest in mediocre reality cooking shows would showcase dining hall talent trying to make gourmet dishes from your standard dining hall ingredients. Lucky Charms Puree? Overcooked pasta with a special ingredient, ketchup? The possibilities are endless. The dishes would be judged by a team of distinguished judges like the hot TA in your chem lab and the mediocre TA in your political science class.


3.) Desperate Cops of DT:
Have you ever wanted to see what goes on inside the mind of the rude human being that wants nothing more than to ruin your life with a parking ticket? We know the answer is no but it would still be good TV. Just think of the annoying girl who asks a million questions in your Anthro class arguing with a cop over a ticket. We don’t know about you but that sounds amazing, especially if her heels break.


2.) Textbooks and Tequila:
This one follows the lives of different students each episode from classes to pre-game to angry Uber drive at 2 a.m. with vomit in the back seat. It would document the struggle of trying to maintain a 3.5 gpa and also being able to take the most Fireball shots in your friend group. It is a hard struggle indeed.


1.) Guide Dog Whisperer:
The brain of a guide dog is very complex, with many of the students guiding them having no idea what they are thinking. That is why a trained professional, the dog whisperer, exists. They are there to speak to the guide dog, listen to the guide dog, and tell us what they are thinking. Plus, we just miss watching Dog Whisperer.


We hope MTV takes our requests and makes these shows a reality as they will probably be better than most of the stuff MTV is making right now.




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