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Tate Plaza Preacher Elbows Student Through The Power of Christ


If you haven’t heard, a preacher was arrested outside the Tate Student Center yesterday, Tuesday, October 11,  after elbowing a confrontational student. This is no ordinary preacher from your Sunday school class, but one of the hate mongering, “you’re all damned to Hell” type of preachers who stands in Tate and screeches at people.


The preacher, Brother Ross, was spreading the Westboro Baptist-esque love on Monday as well as Tuesday, declaring that passing students were “sinners” and “whores” which isn’t too different from the preaching that goes on in downtown Athens on busy nights (except students are too drunk to care about being shamed downtown).


In addition, Brother Ross “preaches” with the help of his wife and two children, so those poor kids are the real victims here.


Consequently, Brother Ross drew a lot of negative attention from his words and caused one student to speak over him and mess up his Godly mojo, which proved to be too much for the preacher. Brother Ross apparently elbowed the student in the face in an attempt to push him away. Once he threw that elbow from God himself, the student, according to a Red and Black article linked above, felt that he had “won” and Brother Ross was promptly arrested.


Let’s all take one thing away from this situation; freedom of speech is legal. Even though Brother Ross is an ordained asshole, he and his family have every right to engage in this unfavorable speech just like the UGA student had every right to drown out his message.



Is there actual crack in Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Or is it something else?

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