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If You Think You’re Excited For The Night Game Against Vanderbilt, Just Talk To These Moths

Students are ecstatic for the UGAs homecoming game against Vanderbilt this Saturday, but their so-called illation pales in comparison to that of the local moths of Athens.

For the students, a night game insinuates sleeping in. However, for the moths, the night game means so much more. This is a chance to attack the biggest “lamp” in the land, the stadium lights of Sanford.

“Laaaaaaamp,” muttered a hypnotized moth, staring at Sanford from the Starbucks across the street. “Yuuuuge laaaaaaamp.”

Many moths interviewed expressed similar sentiments.

“I love lamp,” screamed local moth, Mothy McMothPants, wearing a Brick Tamland shirt. “Excited for big game with big laaaaamps.”

Students love the idea of a night game, but do not share this sense of camaraderie, school spirit, or general excitement about huge-ass light fixtures.

“Um, yeah, stadium lights are cool, I guess. I don’t really get all the hype. I’m just excited to sleep in till 2 or 3, and then immediately start chugging some beers. I love beer,” nervously laughs UGA senior and SAE active, Brend Kavanough.

Megan Harlette, sorority woman extraordinaire, simply stated: “I just wanna dance with my Dawgs in the night time.”

Our field reporters had to walk away when Megan attempted her rendition of twerking for legal reasons.

The university expects high attendance at this nighttime game for a variety of reasons, but the highest in attendance are projected to be, none other, than the local moths of Athens.

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