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UGA IT Admits New eLC is Just a Whiter Version of the Way It Was Before

There’s no denying that the use of technology in the classroom is on a steady increase. Not only do professors need to know how to work a projector nowadays, they also need to know all about our beloved eLC. As the use of eLC has become an integral part of the UGA classroom, it has undergone several updates in the past couple of years, its most recent update occurring over this past Holiday Break.

Coming back to UGA this semester with a brand new software for our everyday use was like Christmas after Christmas, but as the days have gone by and the new eLC has been explored, UGA students have been disappointed to find that not much has changed in their eLearning Commons — the “common” part of this title taken all too literally.

In order to get to the bottom of this eLC business, The Black Sheep decided to snoop around for the scoop. We conducted research on the capabilities of the new eLC, cross-listed them with the old version of the site, and came to the conclusion that the only true difference between the two is the whiteness of the layout and the landscape photos that correspond to each registered class.

We decided that the results of our research couldn’t possibly be conclusive. In order to really understand this, we took the liberty of scheduling a meeting with the head of IT, who happens to be the cousin of Black Sheep staffer, Andi Wunderlich.

Cousin IT had some very interesting information to divulge. “The new format of eLC is, in essence, just prettier,” IT states. “Studies had shown the astounding amounts of literal dread UGA students had in logging onto the formerly red eLC page, as the color red triggers stress and other alarm-inducing emotions.”

When we asked IT what sort of measures they took to undergo this drastic website change, IT claims “we upgraded our WordPress subscription to Premium and changed our website template to ‘Minimalist Landscape.’ The results have been astounding.”

“Oh, and there’s one other thing,” IT continues. “The template comes with a drop down folder entitled ‘Kaltura.’ I Googled it, and turns out it’s a made-up word. No one knows what it means or what it does.”

So, as it turns out, your initial reaction is right, UGA student. The new eLC doesn’t actually do anything new or special. But, we’re all excited for a little more monochrome in our everyday lives. Thanks, UGA IT Department!


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