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This Is Why The UGA Creamery Is The Most Underrated Shop On Campus

The Creamery is a small hole in the wall that 99% of the student population does not know exists. Contrary to UGA student belief, this establishment is more like a Lay-Z Shopper convenience store (without the liquor). We are here to expose why the Creamery should be just as popular as Tate.

8.) 16 flavors of ice cream:
If you can’t decide on a flavor, just ask for a sample of all of them and leave afterwards, successfully satisfying your sweet tooth and saving you money to buy shots that night.

7.) Jit Joes:
Instead of spending $5.34 at the Caribou Coffee in the SLC, swing by and grab a 16oz Joe on the Go for $2.49. Not only will the whole process take a lot less time, but you don’t even have to catch the attitude of the Caribou baristas!

6.) GUAC:
Fuck Chipotle, bro. Satisfy your guac urges with your paw points at the Creamery.

5.) No lines:
Tate CFA and Panda are overrated, mainly because of the damn lines. Be a true, Athens hipster and visit the Creamery. While there, take a snap or two of the empty store and caption it: “It’s as empty as my heart.”

4.) No Plan B, but they do have Advil:
So you tapped without wrapping, and your pull out game is worse than UGA’s night route? The Creamery may not be able to help you in the emergency contraception area. However, they can help you with relieving the pain of your headache after you tell your parents you’re going to be a daddy, and they drive to Athens to beat yo’ ass.

3.) If you come in high, the workers don’t give a shit:
The workers here haven’t had human contact in the past 5 hours of their shift. Instead of judging you for getting high before your plant bio class, they’ll be more than happy to have a brief break from staring at the wall.

2.) They’re looking out for all the bros who forgot their protein powder at home:
If you forgot your protein shake at home this morning, have no fear. This place has almost all of your basic bro needs, including protein shakes, so you don’t lose your Ramsey workout #gainz.

1.) Single servings of cereal:
Right when the depression comes hitting you like a train, you can buy a bowl of cereal and sit outside on a bench. While your sitting, reflect on how you went from an engineering major to an education major.

If this hasn’t convinced you to some to the Creamery, we hope you have fun eating your greasy CFA and miss your final because you couldn’t lose your spot in the 40 minute line.

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