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UGA Hosts Homecoming Concert on Yom Kippur, Pisses Off Jewish Student Population


This Yom Kippur, UGA has provided students with NEEDTOBREATHE, the illustrious Christian rock band, for this year’s homecoming entertainment, showing the dedication to meet the wants and needs of every student on campus.


Obviously all students are thrilled for this rager of a concert, practicing their best head banging moves for the show. After all, NEEDTOBREATHE is famous for their raw intensity coupled with religious morals.


One particular UGA student, Southernbelle Smith, of South Georgia, discussed not only she, her entire small group is totally pumped for the performance.


We managed to get a hold of Southernbelle leaving her sorority house and heading to her UGA Miracle meeting, strutting down Milledge with her Tori Burch flats and monogrammed everything.


“Honestly I don’t think UGA could’ve picked a better time for the concert,” remarked Southernbelle, “I was worried it would occur during some important holiday like Halloween or something. I think I would die if UGA ever held anything on Easter, it would just be terrible.”


It was difficult to get Southernbelle to stop online shopping on her phone, but we managed to ask if this year’s concert was going to top Brad Paisley’s country performance last year. We all know his performance rocked the IM fields to its core. 


“I think this year the concert will do an amazing job of reaching the entire student body,” gushed Southernbelle, “many students do not enjoy country, even if it’s one of the best genres, but NEEDTOBREATHE is something every student can get on board with.”


We did decide to ask her if UGA was doing a good job of promoting diversity with this type of musical performance or if they were simply appealing to their typical stereotype.


“Personally I think this is an amazing way of encouraging diversity on campus. I find it difficult to think any student will feel left out fro this truly campus wide event.”


When asked if she would enjoy another rap concert at UGA, like last Spring’s much anticipated Fetty Wap concert, Southernbelle had this to say:


“Ewwww, who here at UGA listens to rap anyway?”


We also reached out to some of the Jewish students at UGA who reported being very frustrated by this event’s performer and date. When asked if they would be attending, they responded:


“We have better things to do on Yom Kippur than to attend a Christian rock concert.”



Is there actual crack in Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Or is it something else?

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