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UGA to Replace all Other Buildings in Continued Terry Expansion


Everyone at UGA was excited to see the business learning center be created, because Terry doesn’t get enough attention. But it would seem that administration believes it’s time to just replace the entirety of campus with a continued expansion of Terry. If you are not part of Terry, there is no need for concern because top UGA leadership have stated that all non-Terry students will share the bottom floor of Park Hall, but only the bottom floor.


Terry has always been kind of viewed as the abused step-child of UGA, only getting about 80% of UGA’s funding and being plastered on every undergraduate studies flyer, so it came as a major surprise to see the creation of the Business Learning Center. We managed to get a hold of one Terry student, UGA senior Mr. Monoply Jr., who seemed enthralled by the expansion.


“The Business Learning Center is great, but it’s simply not enough to say the least,” Mr. Monopoly Jr continued, “UGA needs to make up for not giving Terry the attention and admiration its students feel entitled to.”


We only asked Mr. Monopoly Jr. one question, but he felt inclined to rant about himself for 30 minutes.


“Yes, you see Terry students do so much for the local economy that we’re just a good investment. I was even a part of a finance internship here in Athens where they paid me for my super financey finance skills. You get drunk one little time and pee in someone’s trash can though and boom! Fired.”


After 45 minutes, we walked away from Mr. Monopoly Jr., but we did decided to look into into Mr. Monopoly Jr’s assertion about Terry students and the local economy and as it turns out he’s right. About 72% of Athens hospitals’ revenue is generated by Terry students coming in after incurring downtown-related injuries.


We thought it was important to ask a non-Terry student–which was very hard to find–about their opinion on the expansion, so we ran into UGA graduate student, Franklin Spia.


“I think it’s great that UGA is making a wise investment for themselves and their students by replacing all other buildings with yet more Terry buildings. It’s almost as good as when they decided to shove all foreign language classes into the top floor of the journalism building. That’s just saving space!”


It seems that every student is on board with the new expansion and is excited to see just how many classrooms they can dedicate to accounting. 





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