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If UGA’s Kolleges were Kardashian Baby Mommas

Let’s set the scene. It’s 2018, and Kardashian babies are popping out vaginas like Tate CFA chicken sandwiches at 12 p.m. Kim just named her kid Chicago, Kylie just named her kid Stormi, and we have the number one freshman football recruiting class, so just about anything is possible. With all these Kardashians having kids, we decided to categorize which UGA kollege is most like each of the Kardashian mommies.

6.) Kourtney:
The only kollege this put together is the SPIA Kollege of Public and International Affairs. Kourtney’s the first of the OG Kardashian three to have a baby. After 3 kids, nothing fazes this MILF anymore. She literally pulled one of her babies out of her vagina. Kourtney is in the prime of her life dating a hot, young model with a rockin’ bod. She is the sugar mama we are all looking for to Venmo us $1,000 to buy alcohol at 5 points. Her life affairs are put together, she exudes positive vibes, and gives no fucks.

5.) Kylie:
The only ones capable of constructing a feat as amazing and well planned out as Kylie is the School of Engineering. Kylie is a sneaky one. She hid her pregnancy from the world for 9 months. Kylie literally ghosted the entire world. 

4.) Kim:
With her dramatic life, Kim embodies the Grady Kollege of Journalism and Mass Kommunication. Kim was not shy about her pregnancy. This girl was still walking around LA in 6 inch heels while she was 7 months pregnant. Her kids’ names were quite a hot topic and now she has kids dressed almost as well as the students who drive BMWs. 

3.) Khloe:
She is obviously going to be categorized into the Family and Konsumer Science Kollege. If you weren’t waiting for the day Khloe got pregnant, you are either a sociopath or blissfully unaware of how great of a mother she was going to be. She’s like the friend you bring along dt to make sure you don’t get arrested by the police and check your pulse to make sure you’re alive, a natural mother.

2.) Blac Chyna:
School of Music is the obvious choice since these students can’t seem to stop breaking up and dating within the same social circle. We got a drama alert, folks. Who could forget the whirlwind relationship between this baby momma and Rob Kardashian? It all got strange when we realized that Kylie was the weird step-mom/aunt figure to Tyga and Chyna’s kid. It wasn’t exactly incestuous but that kid is probably and Alabama fan nonetheless. Yikes!  

1.) Kris Jenner:
The only kollege worthy of resembling her is none other than the Terry Kollege of Business. This trooper popped 5 Kardashian-Jenner children out her vagene and is the OG Kardashian mama bear. This mom-ager knows a thing or two about raising a family and how to make a buck while doin’ it. She is arguably one of the most successful business women in today’s society. 

In konclusion, the Kardashians are relevant in every aspect of your life if you really think about it. Kardashians are love, Kardashians are life.


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