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10 GVSU Freebies to Stock Up on When You’re Broke AF

Being a college student isn’t easy. Having 15 credit hours can be challenging enough, not to mention how broke you are, causing you to strugglebus for just enough TP to wipe your ass. That’s why, when you see anything “free” laying around, you snatch it! And lucky for you, we’ve got some super snatchable GVSU freebies that made this list:

10.) Extra toilet paper:

You never know when you’re going to run out of toilet paper! So when you’re in a quiet bathroom between classes, take a moment and start shoving some extra rolls into your backpack. If you can’t figure out how to unscrew them, just take ‘em by the sheet. Another option is to bring your own empty roll and reroll the toilet paper onto yours. DONE.

9.) Paper towels:

Paper towels are an essential part of the home, but way too expensive when you’re grocery budget is $9.76. Rather than waste a perfectly good dollar on them, just take some from GV’s bathrooms! Besides, people prefer the fancy hand-dryers anyway, you’re doing them a favor. Actually, just take the hand-dryer too.

8.) Plasticware: Why wash dishes when you can just steal some forks and knives from Campus Dining? They’re all over the place, so surely no one will notice if a couple of them go missing–or a couple hundred. Either way, you deserve it, your meal plan is costing you thousands, so take all the forks you need!

7.) Straws:

Straws can be expensive, and also a little bit unnecessary when you’re a broke kid on a budget, but if they’re free why not take some? If GV has them lying around, you better get your hands on them. You might look a little strange walking into Panda Express and busting open the straw machine, but hey, life’s short!

6.) Napkins:Everyone could use some extra napkins to keep in their car for when Taco Bell’s mild sauce decides to betray your face and drip onto your nips. Campus Dining has way too many for their own good anyway. They even come in cute little napkin holders! If you’re feeling extra devious, why not get your hands on one of those, too? Just walk by and shove it into your bag like a determined midday kidnapper.

5.) Sugar packets from the Lobby Shop:    These little packets are practically waiting to be taken; sitting in the middle of Kirkhof, away from the watchful eyes of the Campus Dining employees, it would almost be a crime not to snag a few. So next time you’re passing through Kirk on the way to class, grab a couple, and snort them for that extra boost to get through the day. We guarantee no one is paying attention.

4.) Issues of the Lanthorn:As a broke college student, you probably understand how difficult it is to keep the heat on in the winter–especially in Michigan! That’s why we suggest stocking up on copies of the Lanthorn. It might not be the best for reading, but you can definitely use it to start a fire!

3.) Printer paper:

Who needs a printing limit when you can just take the paper out of the printer for free? Okay, so maybe it’s not technically there for you to take, but… who’s watching? Since your professor’s advice is to “just buy your own printer and spend the cost of your soul on ink,” the least GV can do is supply you with paper.

2.) Extra school supplies from the Promotions Office:

Buying your own school supplies is a huuuuuuuge waste of money. Fortunately, the Promotions Office in Kirkhof has it all! From posters to stencils, you’ll never get bored! Toss out those Office Max coupons and just hoard those paperclips you’ve never had the money to spend on that luxury. Imagine the fun you can have with a staple gun!

1.) Antibacterial wipes from the gym: With this handy tip, you’ll no longer have an excuse to be lazy and ignore your roommate’s chore chart. That might seem dreadful to you now, but rest assured, you’ll feel much better when you have a clean apartment and your nagging roommate off your back. You can even use them to take a hobo-bath instead of wasting money on that pesky water bill.

Grand Valley has a lot to offer its students (kinda), even if some of those things weren’t technically being offered (this means, take their shit)! You’re on a budget, so if you need to take some liberties and snatch up a couple extra spoons from Kleiner, then so be it. It’s coming out of your tuition anyway and if that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to whatever you want, then we don’t know what does.


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