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10 GVSU Landscapes that Prove Non-Art Majors Should Not Attempt Art

After a couple of meltdowns during Midterm week, some stress relief coloring is necessary. That being said, you’re definitely going to want to color these incredibly accurate drawings of popular things around GVSU done by non-art majors. If you actually are an art major, we apologize in advance for what you’re about to see. . .

10.) Cook-Carillon Tower:

Is it a rocket ship? Is it a tower? We may never know the answer! Either way, it’s quite impressive they managed to capture the ultra loud frequency of the “BONGS” that spook every Laker no matter what time it is.

9.) Little Mac Bridge:

Without handrails on this bridge it would be difficult not to fall into the trash-laden Ravines. Oh, and is that a troll under there? The addition of a troll beneath Little Mac would be a huge upgrade for this university. So long, GVPD!

8.) Random tree in parking lot C:

Just like Bob Ross, who doesn’t love drawing little happy trees? I guess one specifically over in Lot C caught their attention. At least they didn’t draw a bunch of beer cans below it post-tailgate.

7.) Lubbers Stadium scoreboard:

The only reason this one got on the list was because it shows GV beating Ferris, and that’s really all that matters. GVSU could do this any idea, and even first graders know it.

6.) GV water tower:

Oh no! The water tower sprung a leak! It must be from those pesky Ferris State students here to try and ruin our Laker day. They’re obviously just feeling a little salty ‘cause they lost.

5.) Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity house:

The accuracy in this one is astonishing! Not only is the house drawn pretty much the same way, but the stick figure frat boys are represented doing what stick figure frat boys do best: dartying.

4.) The Rapid:

The wheels on the bus go round and round the Kirkhof parking lot and never actually leave to go downtown so students can make it to class on time. Those smiling kids are a LIE! Also, where are their backpacks?

3.) Louie the Laker:

He’s basically the Superman of GVSU, so what kid wouldn’t want to draw him? They nailed the giant chin, but they said it definitely throws him off balance when he flies through space.

2.) Puddle next to Kirkhof:

In college, puddles are for avoiding unless you’re wearing a sturdy pair of rain boots. As a kid, puddles are for jumping and playing. Take a minute to think about the last time you jumped in a puddle, or at least take time to think about how to ACTUALLY spell Kirkhof. Seriously, no one spells this right.

1.) Laker for a Lifetime:

Honestly, this one is kinda terrifying. It’s right up there with kids drawing their family with no eyes. We’re really Lakers for a Lifetime. . . let that one sink in.

Think you can do better? Send your submissions to The Black Sheep GVSU, and we’ll do our best to judge your lack of art skills!

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