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10 Summer Positions We Found on LakerJobs that Don’t Totally Suck

Over the course of four years, college students are forced to take numerous odd jobs with even odder hours. Sometimes this means working in food service (or some other job where you have to deal with customers’ crap) where the veteran fry-specialist is now the store manager. Generally, summer jobs just kind of suck, so we went on LakerJobs and found some promising opportunities for this summer in case any of you are still looking. 

10.) Nature Director at Badger Camp:
Although this is a part-time position, being a nature director seems chill and straight-forward. “On the left you have trees, and on the right you have human waste on the pond surface.” Some pros of this position include nature and easiness; however, the cons include poor compensation and long commutes to Wisconsin.

9.) Las Vegas Occupational Medicine:
Are you going into occupational therapy? Are you looking for a change of scenery in a warm tourist destination? Boy, do we have the job for you! Occupational medicine in Las Vegas! You will likely work with patients suffering from early onset carpal tunnel syndrome from excessive slot machine usage, but other than that, it’s similar to the job offerings in Michigan. Pros include warm weather and fancy casinos. Cons include gambling addiction and credit card debt.

8.) Chuck E. Cheese:
Do you need extra dough? Don’t worry, at Chuck E. Cheese you will be handling a great amount of dough, whether it be tossing pizza or unjamming the token machine, the fun with dough never stops. Pros to this job are dope-tasting pizza and discounts on tokens. Cons are leftover sweat stains in your super cool new mascot uniform.

7.) Probation Officer Intern:
Do you enjoy “Beyond Scared Straight” or “Cops?” If your answer was “yes,” then we have the perfect summer job for you. Spend a summer with thousands of obstinate people for college credit, a definite pro for this job. Cons are just the job itself.

6.) Aquatic Invasive Species Strike Team:
The coolest thing about this position has to be the name. It’s probably the only pro to working this job. Just imagine having this on your resume! It’ll make you look interesting, but be careful–the con to this job is sucking zebra mussels out of lakes.

5.) Safety Intern:
College kids are the kings of safety. Last weekend, Jared from Sigma Apple Pie cited a Harvard study that stated binge drinking, snorting Adderall, and ingesting 3 ibuprofens is “not a big deal,” so this shouldn’t be too difficult of a job. A real pro for this one will be helping kids stay safe. The cons, however, will be trying to explain to people what a safety intern even is.

4.) Kent County Road Commission:
What’s hotter than being out in the sun on a hot mid-July day? Laying asphalt for roads on a hot mid-July day. Do we even need to tell you the pros and cons for this job?

3.) Position at DADCO:
What’s wrong with working at Dad Corporation? Drinking beer and BS-ing about sports seems pretty easy. Only pros for this summer job!

2.) Bilingual Customer Service:
Did you major or minor in Spanish? We have a position right up your alley! If you can withstand verbal assault in multiple languages, this is the job for you! A pro for this job will be finally being able to use that Spanish minor. Cons will be trying to stick to your script while getting yelled at over the telephone.

1.) Camp Counselor:
Do you have a long attention span? Can you doll out ADHD medication to hyperactive children? Do you have a 99th percentile patience level? If you do, pack up and ship out, because you’re going to camp. Pros include being the boss. Cons include constant migraines and infrequent showers.

There is no comprehensive list of “good jobs,” because different folks have different strokes. But hopefully one of these fun summer jobs struck your fancy!

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